Attractions on Petite Martinique

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A small island with just a few attractions, Petite Martinique is an extraordinarily beautiful island that is well worth a visit.  It's a popular day trip for visitors who are spending the bulk of their vacation time on Grenada or Carriacou. But don't be misled -- the island has a lot to offer, particularly for those who are ready to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.  Those who choose to spend their entire vacation on the island tend to do so with hopes of disconnecting and spending their days in a secluded tropical destination simply enjoying island life, rather than visiting a lot of "tourist attractions".  

The most notable attraction of this island is the sea.  Most locals base their living on this picture-perfect body of water, and many operate as water-taxi operators who are willing to take guests around on a sightseeing tour of sorts.  On land, a healthy individual can see all that there is to see in about an hour on foot.

Petite Martinique is just one mile in diameter, and the volcano at the center of the island dominates the landscape.  No rental car is necessary (or available!) here, so pull on your comfortable shoes and get exploring.  The aforementioned Piton volcano rises 756 feet tall, and those who climb to the top by following a well-marked trail will get a great view of the island, the surrounding waters, and the neighboring Grenadine Islands.  After returning down the mountainside, you'll likely find it the perfect time to head to the northwest coast and spend some time relaxing on the island's only real beach, Palm Beach.

If a leisurely stroll around one of the island's main villages sounds appealing to you, head to Madam Pierre and stick to the main road.  You'll find a collection of decorative private homes and a small museum set on a hill overlooking the village of Paradise.  Inside are a few relics of the local fishing and seafaring community as well as some that provide a greater picture of what life on the island has been like over the years. Entrance costs just over $1(USD).

Aside from this museum, and the glory of the island itself, there isn't much else to see here.  For this reason, it is common for those staying on the island long-term to plan to make use of the reliable ferry system and check out the more notable attractions on the other islands. 


Petit St Vincent

You'll find a large selection of beaches to consider visiting on and near the island. Snorkeling is available at some locations, for vacationers who enjoy the underwater scene. Click on the name of each beach for more information concerning that specific beach.

A nice beach where you may find people snorkeling is Palm Beach. The only major beach on Petite Martinique, Palm Beach is the center of attention for everyone visiting this small island. Expect all the island's popular restaurants, shopping, and hotels to be on or near this beach.

Another top pick for snorkeling fans is Petit St Vincent. Petite St. Vincent is only accessible by boat.

Gun Point Beach: A long dirt road through the woods leads to Gun Point Beach.

The island and surrounding areas offer a nice selection of beach choices. For a more thorough discussion of beaches, follow this link.


In case you enjoy learning about other cultures and places, you might want to visit a museum during your vacation.

If you are looking to do some sight-seeing, visit The Carriacou Museum. It is found within Hillsborough, West-Southwest of Petite Martinique. Located in the second oldest cotton ginnery in the world, The Carriacou Museum is located on Paterson Street on the small island of Carriacou. This museum is privately financed, surviving mainly on public donations, and the Carriacou Historical Society ensures that each exhibit is historically accurate.

The chart below enables you to get more details concerning a museum near Petite Martinique.

Museums Near Petite Martinique
Name Phone Location Island
The Carriacou Museum (473) 443-8288 2.0 mi. East-Northeast of Central L'esterre Carriacou

Historical Sites

Enjoy discovering the history of places you visit? If so, you might want to visit one or two of these historical sites during your time on Petite Martinique.

One popular destination is Dover Ruins. It is located on Carriacou, West of Petite Martinique. Feel free to explore the ruins, though do not expect too much in terms of tourist activities; the ruins are abandoned.

An alternative landmark could be Ningo Well. It's a historical site near Petite Martinique. This old well is one of the few remaining fully functional stone wells in existence, especially ones built by colonial forces. While it may not seem much now, this well would have been crucial in the settling of the area, and likely insured the success of the nearby plantation for some time.

Carriacou Ruins: While efforts have been made to protect and renovate the ruins, many of them are unmanaged and in poor condition. With that said, the historical benefit gained from the ruins require background information, context, and a bit of imagination.

View the following table for a list of historic sites near Petite Martinique.

Historic Sites Near Petite Martinique
Name Phone Location
Carriacou Ruins -- 2.7 mi. North of Central Hillsborough
Dover Ruins -- 0.6 mi. South of Central Windward
Gun Point -- 1.1 mi. North-Northwest of Central Windward
Ningo Well -- 0.5 mi. West-Southwest of Central Windward
Old Sugar Mills Hillsborough -- 2.9 mi. East-Northeast of Central L'esterre

Natural Attractions

Sandy Island Marine Park

Anglican Rectory Garden is one of the natural attractions that's enjoyed by many visitors. This small garden does not have much, but it is known for its collection of cacti on display.

Sandy Island Marine Park is another local site that provides a nice way to spend some time outdoors. Sandy Island Marine Park is an island that remains untouched by human hands, and the crystal clear waters that surround it are a favorite amongst snorkelers.

Luckily, you'll be able to find other natural attractions. For more in formation concerning natural attractions near the island, go to this page.


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