Transportation Options for Petite Martinique

Planning a getaway on Petite Martinique will always prove to be worth the work

The third, and smallest sister in a chain of islands that also includes Grenada and Carriacou, Petite Martinique has the lowest population and most peaceful surroundings.  Tourists arrive here looking to spend some time outdoors, relaxing, and getting in touch with what is really important to them.  It takes a bit of planning to get here, but with that all taken care of, it is easy to see everything else about your vacation fall right into place. 

Air Travel

With no airport on this small island, planning to get to Petite Martinique does take a little extra planning.  Most tourists will fly into the Maurice Bishop International Airport on Grenada and then take the ferry to the island for a total of $39(USD) each way for adults, including a layover on Carriacou.

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If you've ever considered a sailing adventure in the Caribbean, Petite Martinique is a great option.  While there are no marinas on the island, and you have to clear customs on nearby Carriacou, but because there is no airport sailing is one of the only ways to arrive at this secluded destination.  Every good sailor knows there are a few nuances that differ from country to country with regards to the rules and regulations of pleasure sailing, and whether you'll captain your own yacht or hire a crewed charter, you can learn about Petite Martinique's here


Although cruising is a popular way to travel throughout the Caribbean, Grenada included, using this option to get to Petite Martinique simply isn't feasible.  At this time there is no cruise port on the island, and the amount of time it takes to get from Grenada to its smaller sister island makes it too difficult to plan a day trip.

Getting Around

At just 486 acres, there is no need for motorized transportation to get around the island.  You can walk around the whole island in less than an hour.  Some locals do have cars, and there is a man called Coco Boy who sometimes offers his services as a cab driver, but this option is rarely needed.  


The most common way to get to Petite Martinique is to take a ferry, but whether you sail directly from Grenada or decide to make a connection flight, you'll have to stop on Carriacou before continuing on the the smallest island in the chain.  The total travel time for a ferry ride from Grenada to Petite Martnique is three and a half hours, while if you opt for the 15 minute flight to Carriacou, you'll only have to spend 90 minutes on the ferry.  

For a complete price list as well as a typical schedule, read our guide to Petite Martinique Ferries.

Planning your transportation to and around Petite Martinique is pretty simple to do, more because of the lack of options than anything else.  Still, to ensure you've made the right decisions for your getaway, it is best to take the time to review each choice that is available. 


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