Philipsburg Attractions

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Philipsburg is the main town and most popular tourist destination in St. Maarten.  It is especially known for its duty and sales tax free shopping, boardwalk, and beach, but there is plenty more to know about this Dutch-town.  Cultural attractions are plentiful, parks and zoos provide a glimpse of island-wide natural sites, and casinos add a bit of glitz that your typical entertainment offerings simply cannot provide.  


Great Bay

There are an abundance of beaches to choose from in and around the area. You can click on the name of each beach for more information concerning that particular stretch of sand.

Great Bay: Great Bay, located on the southern end of the island and in the heart of the capital, features a two mile long beach filled with lush white sand and beautiful palms. An extended boardwalk adds a party atmosphere to the beach.

Another place to consider is Back Bay. Back Bay is situated on the east coast of the island and features dramatic hills and exciting waves splashing against the coast. Visitors head to area to admire the geological formations and natural feel rather than swimming in the sea, which can be quite dangerous. Swimmers can choose instead to head toward the natural pools.

Geneve Bay: Comprised of black sand and surrounding by seagrapes and hills, the beach at Geneve Bay is not targeted toward typical beachgoers. Rather, the rugged atmosphere is suited for hikers and adventurers.

Luckily, the area has many other beaches in and around the area. Use this link to check out our extended discussion of beaches for Philipsburg.

Landmark Attractions

St. Maarten Museum

If you are looking to do some sight-seeing, visit St. Maarten Museum. It is located within Philipsburg. When the St Maarten National Park Foundation and the St Maarten Museum foundation merged in 1993, the St Maarten National Heritage Foundation was created. This foundation created the St Maarten Museum, which aims to protect and promote the rich heritage of the island of St Maarten.

Another option is Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit. It's a museum in the center of Philipsburg. Exhibits include proprietor Nick's personal collection of movie relics and collectibles, with a focus on Sci-Fi franchises like Star Wars, Highlander, and Superman.

The Courthouse: Tourists can walk by the front of the Courthouse to take in the historic structure's architecture whenever they please, though nighttime viewing is not recommended.

That's not all -- there are a nice selection of other landmark attractions. Click this link to read our page dedicated to landmarks in this area.

Natural Attractions

St. Maarten Zoo

One of the better known local attractions is Wathey Square. <p>Set in the heart of town, Wathery Square is a bustling port, shopping center, and more that serves as the unofficial town center.</p>

Another site you should consider visiting is St. Maarten Zoo. <p>In December of 1991, the St. Maarten Zoo opened its doors to the public, and today it is the largest zoo and playground in the Caribbean. Families love to explore the hundreds of animals that live on property, including birds, reptiles, and mammals.</p>

These are just some of the places worth checking out If you need to find more details about natural attractions in and near Philipsburg, can learn more here.


Feeling lucky? Travelers interested in testing their luck have quite a few places to do so in this area.

Coliseum Casino is located in Philipsburg. The decor at Coliseum Casino suites the name, with classic Roman antiques and elegant stylings.

If you enjoy the simplicity of playing the slots, consider giving Golden Casino a try. Although a small space, there are more than 80 slot machines, and a collection of classic table games.

Diamond Casino has a collection of games for patrons to enjoy, including Blackjack and Roulette. Diamond opens at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for an extra hour of slots before the game tables open up at 10:00 a.m.

Of course, there are some other choices. Read this page dedicated to gaming in Philipsburg if you want to find more facts.


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