Attractions in Philipsburg

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Philipsburg is the main town and most popular tourist destination in St. Maarten.  It is especially known for its duty and sales tax free shopping, boardwalk, and beach, but there is plenty more to know about this Dutch-town.  Cultural attractions are plentiful, parks and zoos provide a glimpse of island-wide natural sites, and casinos add a bit of glitz that your typical entertainment offerings simply cannot provide.  


Great Bay

You will discover several beaches to enjoy in and around the area. Just click on the name of the beach for more detail concerning that specific beach.

Great Bay: It is impossible to walk down the Great Bay beach without noticing the lengthy boardwalk, which has recently become center for shopping and fun. The long strip of beach itself is well maintained, with soft white sand and shallow, clear water.

Another option for beach-goers to consider is Back Bay. Access to the area is limited to dirt paths, so it is advised that only the physically able attempt the trip.

Geneve Bay: Access to the beach is limited to hikers, who should take a vehicle to Trinton Shell Road.

Philipsburg and the surrounding areas offer plenty of additional beaches to choose from. If interested, you can get more details by visiting this page.

Landmark Attractions

St. Maarten Museum

One popular destination is St. Maarten Museum. It is situated in Philipsburg. St. Maarten Museum is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and closed on Saturday and Sunday.

A second choice is Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit. It's a museum towards the middle of Philipsburg. An unexpected find on the island, this Star Wars replica and memorabilia museum not only exists, but it is one of the top three most popular museums in the whole of the Caribbean. Created by international artist Nick Maley, you can stop in and tour all of the important movie history that has touched him and his wife over the years.

The Courthouse: Tourists can walk by the front of the Courthouse to take in the historic structure's architecture whenever they please, though nighttime viewing is not recommended.

These examples are just a few of what you can find. Those wanting to learn more concerning other interesting landmarks in this area by visiting this page.

Natural Attractions

St. Maarten Zoo

Wathey Square is one of the most enjoyable natural attractions. Set in the heart of town, Wathery Square is a bustling port, shopping center, and more that serves as the unofficial town center.

A second place worth considering is St. Maarten Zoo. In December of 1991, the St. Maarten Zoo opened its doors to the public, and today it is the largest zoo and playground in the Caribbean. Families love to explore the hundreds of animals that live on property, including birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Needless to say, you will find other natural attractions. To reach our guide to natural attractions in and around the area, go to this page.


In the mood for some action? Visitors looking to test their luck will have quite a few alternatives in and near the area.

Diamond Casino is situated in Philipsburg. Slot machines are available in denominations from $0.50 to $5(USD). There are also table games including Black Jack, Baccarat, Caribbean Poker, and Roulette.

If you want to try your luck at the slots, you should check out Jump-Up Casino. In addition to the many slot machines, Jump Up Casino also offers guests the chance to relax and listen to one of the island's famous bands who routinely play at the casino.

Tropicana Casino: Looking to try your luck? Then head down to Tropicana Casino, which is known as the "friendliest casino in St. Maarten," and play one of their many slot and table games to see if you are a winner.

These are just a sample of the options. Click on this link to visit our guide to gaming in and near Philipsburg.


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