Car Rentals in Philipsburg

Philipsburg makes it easy for tourists to rent a car

Thanks to several different public transportation options, you may not necessarily require a rental car, but most people still feel this is the best way to get around the island.  Fortunately, it is easy and affordable to choose this option so if you are one who feels comfortable driving in a foreign country, this could be the best choice for you.

Renting a Car

Depending on how you arrive on the island, most people will have their first encounter with local rental agencies either at the airport or near the cruise port.  There are technically no rental agencies on airport property, but they are so near to the facility that you can walk, and most places offer shuttle services.  If you're hoping to rent a car later in the week, you'll find that some agencies offer a drop-off and Phipick-up service so they will either bring the car to you at your accommodations, or send someone to pick you up and bring you in to sign your paperwork before driving off.  

To rent a car in Philipsburg, you'll need to be over the age of 25 and have an international driver's license.  Some locations also require that you put a deposit of up to $500(USD) on your credit card, so this is something to be prepared for.

View this table for some of the vehicle rental agencies serving Philipsburg.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Antillean Car Rental (721) 542-2614 117 Suckergarden Road - Philipsburg
Arthur's Car Rental (721) 542-6260 Frontstreet - Philipsburg
Hertz Sonesta Philipsburg (721) 454-4541 Sonesta Great Bay Beach Hotel - Philipsburg
Robelto Car Rental (721) 542-0412 17 Suckergarden Road - Philipsburg
Rodael Rental (721) 542-5155 2 Coralita Rd. - Philipsburg

The Cost of Renting a Car

Throughout the islands you'll find prices at all rental agencies to be pretty much the same. Rentals start at around $30(USD) for the most basic models, and prices go up from there as you add size, features, and insurance.  You may be able to find discounts in the off-season, but since prices are low to begin with you can feel confident you're always getting a good deal. 

Driving in Philipsburg

The roads in Philipsburg are narrow, and this is one of the towns on the island known to be congested with traffic most often. Still, the streets are pretty well kept up and driving conditions are good.  Keep in mind that you'll drive on the right side, speed bumps and roundabouts are extremely common, and seat belts are mandatory.  

There are at least three gas stations in Philipsburg, and most major cities around the rest of the island have at least one.  Do be aware, however, that it is rare to find a station that accepts credit cards so make sure to have cash on hand.

Check the chart just below for the handful of refueling options in and around Philipsburg.

Gas Stations
Name Phone Location
Bush Road Gas Station (721) 543-7731 Bush Road - 1.1 mi. (1.7 km) Northwest of Philipsburg
Caribbean Auto Star Mart (721) 542-4444 Bush Road - Saunders
Gas Station -- Philipsburg
Shell Madame Estate (721) 542-3645 92 Arch Road off Suckergarden - Philipsburg
Texaco (721) 590 87-8370 Saunders
Yuppie Service Station (721) 543-2264 7 Suckergarden Road - Philipsburg

There are few reasons to discourage someone from renting a car in Philipsburg, so if you're hoping to make this your main mode of transportation, you can begin looking for the perfect agency for you and know you shouldn't encounter any trouble as you do so. 


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