Placencia Rental Cars

Renting a car for your trip to Placencia will allow you to see more of Belize

It takes between 10 and 15 minutes to get around the entirety of Placencia on foot, so most tourists wonder why rent a car at all? There are plenty of reasons to recommend it, from having a vehicle on hand in case of an emergency, to being able to drive out of town and see the Belizean countryside on your own. If you think renting a car sounds like it would enhance your getaway, make sure you take the time to learn about driving in this Caribbean village.

Renting a Car

The unique thing about Placencia is that because of the small size of the area, most people choose to rent golf carts instead of full sized vehicles. This will cost between $65 and $90(USD) a day and drivers will need to follow the same laws that they would if they were behind the wheel of any other car. Still, there are a couple of companies offering car rentals.

View the following chart for some rental agencies located in this area.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Barefoot Services (501) 523-3066 Main Street - 0.3 mi. (0.5 km) South of Placencia
Roam Belize Car Rentals (501) 670-7870 Stann Creek - Placencia Village

The Cost of Renting a Car

The cost to rent a car in Placencia is somewhere between $60 and $140(USD) a day. Most agencies offer discounts for those who rent for a week or more, and even greater price drops occur when you rent the vehicle for a month of more. Keep in mind that if you plan to stay in Belize for more than 90 days, you'll need to apply and test for a local driver's license. Otherwise a driver's license from home or an International driver's license will do the trick.

Once you've got a vehicle in your possession, make sure to give it a good one over, checking for any damages to the vehicle, and to make sure that there is a spare tire, a jack, and that all the fluids are topped off. This will ensure your safety as you drive away and prevent you from being held responsible for any damages done to the vehicle before you even got behind the wheel.

Gas Stations signs and certainly no traffic lights...


Just one main road runs through the peninsula upon which the village of Placencia is set, though the road has no known name. It dead ends right when you hit the Caribbean Sea at the Shell Station right before the boat docks. There are one or two other paved roads in the village, but for the most part, you'll encounter gravel, dirt, and sand laden streets with no signs and certainly no traffic lights.

As you're driving through the village, be aware that traffic keeps to the right side of the road and seat belts are required. Be on the lookout for animals and people in the streets, and always drive defensively because locals are not known for their great driving skills.

When you stop for gas, an attendant will come pump your gas for you. Make sure to have cash on hand because if the phone lines are down your credit card will not be accepted.

Shell Gas Station Placencia happens to be the only gas station we have we have information on.

Driving in Belize is not typically recommended for foreigners, but if you take the time to learn about road and driving conditions before you get behind the wheel you'll be prepared to handle anything that comes your way.


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