Placencia Taxis

Taxis are on hand in Placencia when walking isn't an option

One of the attributes of Placencia that tourists often look forward to is its small, intimate feel. Many people prefer to get around town on a bike or to walk everywhere they go, making renting a car unnecessary. For those occasions when a ride is needed, taxis are available, though not as abundantly as other cities in Belize.

Taxi Companies

There are not a huge number of taxis driving around looking to pick passengers up in Placencia, but they are available. Most can be found at the airstrip, but if you need a ride from your hotel or when you're out exploring town, you'll want to call and have a driver pick you up or ask the front desk of your hotel to make the call.

Make sure to check the cab for a blue license plate to ensure that you're getting into the back of a licensed and legal vehicle. This is also the best way to tell a cab from a regular car, since they tend to blend in to the crowd. Many will have markings with the name of the cab company and their phone number as well, but this is not true of all of them.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Fares are not set in advance, and there is no meter in the car. You'll have to discuss the cost of your trip with your driver before the vehicle is in motion, but know that Placencia often has the highest costs around. A trip from the airstrip to the center of the village will likely cost $6.35(USD) for one person or $3.20(USD) per person for two or more riders.

Note that drivers will never expect you to tip them, but that doesn't mean you can't. If you've encountered extra special service, or your driver has taken care of handling your luggage, feel free to slip him or her an extra $2(USD) or more.

Knowing that taxis are available when you are in need makes it easier to make the decision to forgo renting a car on Placencia. Although the rates can be high at times, the excellent service and clean vehicles make it worth the extra expense.


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