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Did you know that there are secret underwater caves hidden beneath the surface of the sea? Advanced Diver Mexico knows exactly where these mysterious caverns are and has in-depth experience navigating through them. If you're interested in discovering these breathtaking underwater rooms, then this is the place for you!

Advanced Diver Mexico

Cost and Offerings

Advanced Diver Mexico offers you cave diving and sidemount cave diving excursions that will leave you breathless. These courses take the approach of learning by doing. While there are courses that are offered for divers already experienced in cave diving, most of the courses are geared towards beginners needing to learn the ins and outs of cave diving. Your guide will lead you through many training lessons while encouraging you to explore the amazing underwater caves. Packages offered range from three to eight days of diving and training.

The Cavern Course, Intro to Cave Course, and Full Cave Course each last about four days. These cost around $950(USD). The eight day course that combines all three costs $1800(USD). The cave specialty course options range from $950 to $1000(USD).

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Location and Contact Information

Advanced Diver Mexico can be found in Playa del Carmen, 1.7 mi. north of downtown Playa del Carmen.

Location: 77712, Fuente de Cervantes 9, Santa Fe del Carmen, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Phone: (984) 135-3305




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