Beaches in Playa Del Carmen

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Trendy Playa is more than boutique hotels and high-end shopping.  Miles of beaches line the shores, each decorated with beach bars, colorful umbrellas, and lounge chairs.  The beaches themselves are comparable to those in Cancun, with calm surf close to shore and the type of soft sand that you sink your toes into. 

Which Beaches Are Available?

You'll find an abundance of beaches to visit in and around the area. For detailed information about a specific beach click on the names of the ones you are curious about.

Playa del Carmen

Maroma Beach: A quiet beach worlds away from the busy shores of Cancun, Maroma Beach is typified by 500 acres of white sand and rainforested lands.

A second alternative for beach-goers to consider is Playa Secreto. While visting the Playa Secreto vacationers will be able to explore many of Mexico's fascinating attractions, such as the ancient Maya ruins. You can also take advantage of a variety of watersports, world class scuba diving around stunning coral reef formations, and superb saltwater fishing.

Playa X-Puha: Sometimes a day spent at the beach is meant to be overfilled with activities, fun, and games. If that is your plan for a day (or more) when you're vacationing in the Mexican Caribbean, Playa X-Puha is for you This beach is a happening place with a huge amount of amenities, dining and shopping opportunities, and even places to rent equipment for watersports.

The chart below enables you to learn more details concerning the beaches that can be found in and around the area.

Beaches In and Around Playa Del Carmen
Name Location Coast
El Faro Downtown Playa del Carmen East
Half Moon Bay Beach 0.6 mi. East-Northeast of Central Akumal East
Hidden Beach 1.5 mi. South-Southwest of Central Xpu Ha East
Maroma Beach 9.6 mi. Northeast of Central Playa del Carmen East
Playa Akumal 0.4 mi. Southeast of Central Akumal East
Playa Secreto 3.5 mi. South West of Central Puerto Morelos East
Playa X-Puha 0.4 mi. Northeast of Central Xpu Ha East
Playa del Carmen Downtown Playa del Carmen East
Puerto Morelos Beach 0.1 mi. East of Central Puerto Morelos East

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