Beaches in Playa Del Carmen

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Trendy Playa is more than boutique hotels and high-end shopping.  Miles of beaches line the shores, each decorated with beach bars, colorful umbrellas, and lounge chairs.  The beaches themselves are comparable to those in Cancun, with calm surf close to shore and the type of soft sand that you sink your toes into. 

Beach Choices In The Area

You'll find a large selection of beaches to visit in and around the area. To get additional information about a specific beach you can click on the names of the ones you'd like to learn about.

Playa del Carmen

Maroma Beach: Pure white sands, warm deep blue waters, and stucco huts with thatched roof are what you'll encounter when you arrive at Maroma Beach. The beach is lined with palm trees and the calm waters are great for snorkeling.

Another location worth considering is Playa Secreto. One of the most gorgeous beaches located along the Maya Riviera, Playa Secreto features sultry soft sands and dazzling blue ocean waters. This spot, called "Secret Beach" in Spanish, is home to numerous colorful and exotic bird species that thrive in the beach's freshwater pools and mangrove trees.

Playa X-Puha: The beach of Playa X-Puha stretches back into the coast forming a square shape of blindingly white sand. A large portion of the beach is overtaken by the Playa X-Puha Restaurant and Beach Club.

The beaches in and around Playa Del Carmen can be seen in the following chart.

Beaches In and Around Playa Del Carmen
Name Location Coast
El Faro Downtown Playa del Carmen East
Half Moon Bay Beach 0.6 mi. East-Northeast of Central Akumal East
Hidden Beach 1.5 mi. South-Southwest of Central Xpu Ha East
Maroma Beach 9.6 mi. Northeast of Central Playa del Carmen East
Playa Akumal 0.4 mi. Southeast of Central Akumal East
Playa Secreto 3.5 mi. South West of Central Puerto Morelos East
Playa X-Puha 0.4 mi. Northeast of Central Xpu Ha East
Playa del Carmen Downtown Playa del Carmen East
Puerto Morelos Beach 0.1 mi. East of Central Puerto Morelos East

Needless to say, there are plenty of other attraction types available too. To read a more detailed discussion of other attractions, click here.


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