Car Rentals in Playa Del Carmen

Renting a car makes it easier to get around Playa del Carmen

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As a growing resort community, in the future it is expected that between tours and public transportation specifically running to make travel easier on tourists, rental cars will not be necessary for a stay in Playa Del Carmen. As it stands now, any time spent in this town will be best managed if you have a private vehicle at your disposal.

Rental Cars

As you begin to think about renting a car for your stay in Playa Del Carmen, you'll want to consider the type of activities you plan to participate in. Sticking to the roads in town or the major road that runs between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, you should be able to reserve an economy car for your stay which will save you in gas and the daily cost of the rental. If you have plans to visit ruins and nearby jungles and , meanwhile, a sports utility vehicle will be a much better choice because they are much better equipped to handle the rugged roadways that lead to these sites. If you're traveling solo or as a couple, you may even want to consider using bicycles or scooters to get around town quickly.

The type of vehicle you rent will not change the fact that you should always purchase personal liability insurance from your rental agency. If you get into an accident here and found initially to be at fault, you'll be taken to the police station and be expected to pay for damages immediately – and Mexico does not accept foreign insurance, nor will you be able to pay with a credit card. Unless you keep extremely large amounts of cash on your person, you're safest adding the insurance onto the cost of your rental.

Review this table that shows the array of local vehicle rental agencies.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Budget Playa del Carmen (52) (33) 36130027 Downtown Playa del Carmen
Easy Way Playa del Carmen (984) 803-3665 Tenth Avenue North - Downtown Playa del Carmen
Europcar Playa del Carmen (984) 873-2820 Eighth Street - Downtown Playa del Carmen
Europcar Rental Blue Five (998) 415-7922 ext. 9 Predonado Limonar - Downtown Playa del Carmen
Executive Cars Playa del Carmen (984) 873-2354 Downtown Playa del Carmen
Hertz Plaza Paraiso (999) 911-8040 Avenida 15 - Playa del Carmen
Hertz Quinta Avenida (999) 911-8040 Quinta Avenida - Playa del Carmen
Holiday Car Rental -- Downtown Playa del Carmen
Thrifty Playa del Carmen (984) 873-0119 Calle 8 North - Downtown Playa del Carmen

Other requirements for renting a car here will vary by agency. There is no base age that every single agency uses to say whether or not someone can rent with them, and while some places will accept your driver's license from back home, others will expect you to have an International Driver's License. Your best bet is to call around and get an idea for the different requirements.


The streets of Playa Del Carmen are laid out in a grid formation, which makes it easy on visitors to get around without getting lost. Leading from Highway 307 to town square is Avenida Juárez, which is considered to be the main road in town. Numbered streets in multiples of five run across it, all of which lead to the beach. Those who rent bicycles will be happy to lean that on Avenida 10 there is a bike path which makes it safer for those on two wheels to get around. Quinta Avenida, or 5th Avenue, is the trendiest street in the region, filled with exclusive shops and restaurants. Vehicles are not allowed on this street, so if you plan on visiting you'll have to park nearby and head in on foot.

You shouldn't have any trouble finding gas stations in Playa Del Carmen, but not all of them will always be fully stocked with gas. It is common for local stations to run out, so it is best to make sure that you stop and fill up any time your tank gets close to half full.

Since you may encounter issues locating gas stations, check out the table just below to get an idea where some can be found.

Gas Stations
Name Location
Pemex Gas Station 0.8 mi. (1.3 km) West of Playa del Carmen
Pemex Xpu-Ha Xpu Ha

No, it is not required that each tourist rent a vehicle during their stay in Playa Del Carmen, but it certainly makes things easier. The more you want to see of the area, the more you'll find a car to be helpful tool, so take your own vacation plans in mind as you make your final decisions on the matter.


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