Playa Del Carmen Taxis

Playa del Carmen's taxis are a recommended service for tourists

Although Playa Del Carmen is small enough that walking from place to place isn't a hassle, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan. For many people, taxis are the first form of transport that come to mind. Fortunately, getting a taxi in this town is fairly easy and won't break the bank.

Airport Transfers

The first time you encounter a taxi in Mexico may likely be at the airport in Cancun. Regular taxis are not to drive onto the property to hassle guests, but there are several approved airport transfers that are similar to taxi services. The vehicles used for these transfers can be anything from small cars to large vans depending on your needs. You should call and reserve your ride in advance of your trip, and when you arrive your driver will be waiting outside of baggage claim with a sign that says your name.


Although generally speaking, Playa Del Carmen's taxi drivers are friendly, helpful, and safe drivers, the experience of taking a cab can be quite the experience. Drivers have no fear zipping around town, and although you may feel as though you are constantly in fear of being in an accident, drivers here somehow manage to avoid collision with ease.

You shouldn't have trouble finding a taxi on the streets, but if you do you can call and have a driver pick you up without much trouble. The biggest hurdle for most people seems to be the language barrier. Most drivers speak Spanish, so if you do not, make sure to write down where you are going and give it to your driver so there is no confusion.


Rates for taxi rides in Playa Del Carmen are preset by the local taxi union. The prices are determined based on a zone system, which divides the town into different regions and bases the price on the number of zones that you travel to. It costs just 25 pesos to cross into the next zone over from where you are.

Local drivers are also great at giving tours. You can hire your driver to take you around for an hour or so or even the whole day, though you'll need to discuss that price at the time. No matter how far your ride is, make sure to include a tip for your driver. Only 10 pesos is the common tip, but feel free to add more if your ride has been exceptional.

Keep local taxi services in mind as you plan for your stay in Playa Del Carmen. If you don't plan on renting a private car, this can be a great way to get you from place to place.


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