Transportation Options for Playa Del Carmen

Transportation is an important aspect of travel to be considered

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Playa Del Carmen ranges from a quiet spot to get away to a swank, trendy destination along the Mexican Caribbean coast. The type of vacation you hope to engage in is really what determines where you'll stay, what you'll do, and even which mode of transportation works best for you.

Getting There

Tourists can travel to Playa Del Carmen using one of three methods. Flying to the nearest international airport has and probably always will be the most popular way to get to the small town, but many people are choosing to sail private yachts more often than in years past. Cruising is another way that you can get to town, though this unfortunately means you won't get to stay long.

Getting Around

Most people agree that the best way to get around Playa Del Carmen is on foot, but it isn't wise to assume this will be your only way of getting around. Rental cars, taxis, and buses are available, and you don't want to overlook ferries which will allow you to visit the nearby island of Cozumel.

Air Travel

Playa Del Carmen is home to a small airport, but it is rarely used for any other reason than to fly to Cozumel that most tourists overlook it. Instead, all international visitors arrive via the Cancun International Airport (CUN), which is located about 45 minutes away. As one of the busiest airports in the region, it is never a trouble to find flights here from many locations around the world. Read more, including which airlines fly to Cancun International Airport, here.


Playa del Carmen is not an official port of entry, but the town is within easy reach of two different spots to clear in.  Once you have done so, there are a few desirable marinas in the area, and plenty of beauty to be seen as you sail up and down the coast.  Click here for all the details about sailing here. 

One of the most popular spots for yachters in Playa Del Carmen is Puerto Aventuras. Services include electricity, cable television, garbage pickup, a fuel dock, and more. Mooring costs range from $10 to $30(USD) daily, depending on the size of your boat.


Playa Del Carmen is actually a tender port. This means the ship tenders just off the coast rather than docks at a port along the shore and cruisers are boated to shore. The dock is located in downtown Playa Del Carmen, which allows tourists to walk to some of the most popular spots during their day ashore.

Rental Cars

The layout of Playa Del Carmen makes it easy for tourists to get around without getting lost or confused, and rental cars are easy to find and inexpensive. All of these things would make anyone who is considering renting a car for their stay here think that this is definitely the right choice for them. The next thing to consider is which agency you want to rent with and which type of vehicle you'd like to drive. Click here where you can read about renting a car in Playa Del Carmen and find answers to all of your questions.


Renting a car isn't for everyone, especially in Playa Del Carmen where you can easily get around on foot. Taxis are great to have on hand in the event that you need to travel a longer distance, are carrying some bags, or simply want to give your feet a rest. The fares are generally pretty low, and preset based on a zone system, which you can learn more about by clicking here.


The least expensive form of transportation available to tourists in Playa Del Carmen is the bus. You can take a bus from Cancun to town for just $7(USD), then when you're in town you can use these modern, air conditioned vehicles to get you from place to place. Many people even consider these buses to be in better condition than those in the United States and Canada. See for yourself by making it a point to take a least one bus ride during your time here. Click here for more information.


Playa Del Carmen connects to Cozumel which is an island just off the coast. The service is at the Cozumel Ferry Terminal and travels between the two destinations approximately once an hour between 6:00 a.m. ad 11:00 p.m. It costs $14(USD) per person each way, and takes about 50 minutes.

There is a lot to consider with regards to transportation as you begin planning your getaway in Playa Del Carmen. You may have to force yourself to overlook the images of beaches and shopping that continue to flash before your eyes, but it is important. Everything you've read above should help you to quickly and easily make decisions about getting to this town and also getting around, making the whole process just a little bit simpler.


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