Xcaret Park

A nature sanctuary turned adventure park, Xcaret Park brings local traditions and beautiful natural attractions together with extreme sports, leisurely activities, and more.

Offerings and Cost

There is quite a lot to do at this park. Ruins, trails, and gardens will satisfy the hikers while underground rivers and zoo exhibits will keep the younger ages entertained. If you are unsure what to see, the park offers tour guides to take you to the best places, as well as tell you about the exhibits and attractions.

The cost of admission is $99(USD).

What to Expect

This nature park is a large collection of ruins, gardens and animal exhibits. However, do not expect a peaceful walk through the woods, for while there are trees, the area is developed to cater for tourist.

Location and Contact Information

Xcaret Park is found in the Riviera Maya, in Quintana Roo; it is 5.2 miles to the south west of Playa del Carmen.

While most people reach this park while on a tour, it is not too complicated getting here by yourself. Heading south out of Playa del Carmen on the main highway, you will exit as if you were going to the Occidental Hotel, however, when on the side road you will not turn into the hotel, but instead keep going down the road, and keeping right when possible, trying to maintain going southwest. This will bring you to the park.

Location: the Riviera Maya, Mexico

Website: http://www.xcaret.com


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