Pointe a Pitre Accomodation Options

Point a Pitre is a great example of the quiet nature of Guadeloupe.  Although it is the largest city and the center of transportation, there are still only a small number of lodging options available to visitors.  Fortunately, what does exists is varied enough that no matter what your style or budgetary constraints, you'll be able to find accommodations that suit your needs. 


Le Rotabas

There are multiple types of hotels to choose between in the area, including quite a few hotels and one resort. Read additional info for each one by clicking on them.

One of the best properties in Pointe a Pitre for convenient on-site dining is Le Rotabas. The Hotel Le Rotabas is on the site of the Grand Terre close to one of the most beautiful beaches of the French West Indies called La Caravelle in the village of Sainte-Anne on the island of Guadeloupe. The resort features a swimming pool, meeting room, and restaurant specializing in local cuisine. If you want to call ahead, do so at

Hotel Village Soleil is a popular choice in Pointe a Pitre. The Hotel Village Soleil is located on the island of Guadeloupe on a hill overlooking Pointe-a-Pitre. The hotel has 63 guest rooms available in three varations: Standard, superior, and Duplex. If you want to call ahead, you can do so at 05.90.908576.

Saint John Perse is another property worth considering. The Hotel Saint-John offers rooms on 3 floors all with modern amenities. The hotel sits in the middle of the town of Pointe a Pitre facing the harbor. If you would like to call ahead, you can do so at 0590 82 51 57.

Of course, there are quite a few other hotels. To see our full guide to hotels within the area, visit this page.

Also, you can check out all the accommodations found around Guadeloupe here.

All-Inclusive Accommodations

Some travelers seek the reassurance of all-inclusive pricing. There are multiple reasons why these plans are popular. As an example, they can greatly simplify the planning process. The two accommodations below are the only all-inclusive properties available in the vicinity.

Vacationers wanting to book their stay in Pointe a Pitre will be interested in properties like Hôtel Fleur d’Epée. Everything is included when you stay with Hotel Fleur d’Epée -- from buffets overflowing with sumptuous foods, to rooms carefully and comfortably decorated. They want to make your getaway a dream come true, and the staff pulls out all the stops to make it happen. If you are looking to call before booking a room, you can do so at (059) 090-4000.

One place along the coast you should consider is La Caravelle. There are four main buildings, all with their own rooms and amenities, such as pools, elevators, bungalow, fitness centers and restaurants. Some of these amenities are omitted depending on which building you are staying in. If you have questions and want to call ahead of time, you can do so at (800) 453-2582.

When considering an all-inclusive package, don't assume each property offers the same amenities. Avoid surprises -- investigate to see what is included in each package.

What lodging style suits you best?  Are you the type that prefers an all-inclusive pricing option, do you like the autonomy of a condo or private villa, or is regular hotel right up your alley?  Whichever choice works best for you, it exists for you in Pointe a Pitre. 


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