Transportation Options for Pointe a Pitre

All major forms of transportation are available on Pointe a Pitre

Located on the southwest coast of Grande Terre, Pointe a Pitre is a major commercial and industrial town, but it is also frequented by tourists for its gorgeous harbor and lively market scene.  This town is perfect for visitors who don't like to stay put because it allows easy access to some of the others major towns and islands in Guadeloupe.  Transportation is a very important subject when it comes to planning a vacation here, so read on to learn what options exist for you when you stay here. 

Air Travel

Just a few miles from the center of downtown Pointe a Pitre is Le Raizet Airport which sees the largest amount of air traffic from around the world.  American Airlines, Air Canada, LIAT, and Air France offer the largest number of flights each week, so these airlines are where you should begin your search.  You can also read our guide to Pointe a Pitre Air Travel for further details. 


As such a major port town, it probably comes as no surprise that Pointe a Pitre is also a very popular sailing destination.  There is a very nice marina in town and cruising permits allow yachters to sail throughout all five of the islands.  Click here for information on gaining clearance and sailing near Pointe a Pitre. 


Adjacent to Pointe a Pitre is a newly updated cruise terminal called Centre Saint-John Perse Terminal.  The dock here has a colorful and busy outdoor market where cruisers can pick up local wares, but day trips around the island, over to Basse Terre, and even to other islands is possible as well.  Almost all of the major cruise lines make regular stops here, so if you dream of visiting Pointe a Pitre as part of a cruise, chances are it can be arranged. 

Rental Cars

This is one destination where renting a car is highly recommended.  Driving conditions are very good, prices are low, and there are a lot of different agencies in town which helps to make things competitive.  In addition to all of this, there aren't too many regulations that would prevent drivers from renting.  Everything you need to know about renting a car can be read here


Pointe a Pitre is the easiest city in Guadeloupe to find a taxi.  They are often found at all ports of entry from the cruise and ferry terminals to the airport.  Fares, however, are high and drivers charge by the minute which means if you're stuck in traffic you could end up spending much more than you're expecting.  Find out more about prices and local taxi agencies by clicking here


Regular buses travel between Pointe a Pitre and Basse Terre every day of the week between 5:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., making stops in all the major towns along the way.  Services are limited on Sundays. Fares differ depending on where you're going.


Ferries make it possible for the five islands that comprise Guadeloupe to connect to one another on a near daily basis without the need for expensive charter flights.  It is also possible to sail to Martinique, St. Lucia, and Dominica during the week with the major ferry service called L'Express des Iles.  Click here for schedules, fares, and routes. 

Pointe a Pitre is the easiest place in Guadeloupe to arrange transportation to, and it is the hub of ground transportation as well.  Whichever option you feel most comfortable using, you'll be able to make it happen here. 


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