Ponce Taxis

Ponce's traffic is one of the reasons tourists choose to take taxis.

Being the second largest populated city in Puerto Rico has its benefits and its pitfalls. One of the downsides to Ponce is the large amount of traffic that is common there. Driving in a foreign country can be stressful for some visitors, and adding an immense amount of traffic to the equation can only exacerbate the situation. Because of this, many tourists choose to make taxis their main mode of transportation, allowing a local who is used to the setting do the driving for them.


Taxis are easy to find and flag down in Ponce. They are easy to spot with their white paint and "Taxi Turistico" logo on the front, plus, the typically drive around the heavily populated areas and tourist attractions like shopping centers, restaurants, and . Taxis are especially easy to find in Plaza Las Delicias.

Ponce Taxi is the only taxi service listed in our system. You can call them at (787) 840-0088; you'll find them right inside Ponce.


...meters are rarely kept on...


Taxis in Ponce are metered, yet the meters are rarely kept on. Driver's here prefer to talk with their passengers and agree on a fare that makes both parties feel comfortable. Don't hesitate to name the amount you'd like to spend and see if the driver will take your offer.

If you feel more comfortable sticking to the meter, just let your driver know. You'll pay an initial $1.75 just to ride, then $1.90(USD) per mile. Although this is how taxis operate in the majority of Puerto Rico, there are some places that do things a little differently. San Juan and its immediate surrounding areas for example have taxis with set rates that are based on government sanctioned zones. Since most people originally stop in San Juan, it is important to be aware that if you take a cab there, there will be no negotiating. Instead, ask the driver to see a rate chart so you know how much you'll spend getting from one place to the next.

The table below lists typical cab fares for the area.

Typical Fares Around Ponce
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 31.75 - $ 33.00 Downtown Ponce Adjuntas
$ 49.00 - $ 50.00 Downtown Ponce Salinas
$ 8.75 - $ 9.50 Downtown Ponce Mercedita Airport
$ 64.00 - $ 65.00 Downtown Ponce La Bahia Fosforescente
$ 92.00 - $ 93.00 Downtown Ponce Mayaguez Town Center
$ 89.75 - $ 91.00 Downtown Ponce Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge
$ 99.25 - $ 100.00 Downtown Ponce Eugenio Maria De Hostos Airport
$ 8.00 - $ 9.00 Downtown Ponce Ponce Ferry Port
$ 5.00 - $ 6.00 Downtown Ponce Ponce Mall
$ 96.24 - $ 106.38 Boqueron Ponce
$ 47.69 - $ 52.71 Guánica Ponce
$ 83.90 - $ 85.00 Cayey Downtown Ponce
$ 136.84 - $ 160.04 Palmas Del Mar Ponce
$ 125.00 Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport Ponce

Some taxi drivers in Ponce are willing to take you on a tour of the city. Just ask if they offer the service and what they charge if this is something that interests you.

Whether you're getting a quick ride to a nearby restaurants, or taking a tour that lasts for hours, a tip is always a good way to thank your driver. Consider adding 10 to 15 percent to the total bill, though, as always, the final amount is in your hands.

Taxis are easy to come by in Ponce, as well as clean, and often affordable. If you don't feel comfortable driving in a foreign country, can't drive, or simply don't want to, this is a great town to make taxis your transportation of choice.


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