What's Near Geejam

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Many times, booking a hotel located near a nice beach will ensure that you can take full advantage of the beautiful sand and water here.

If you or your group are big beach fans, Geejam is the perfect locale for you. This property is located on the water, so visitors can spend all of their time in the sun if that will make them happy.

Nearby Beaches

Boston Bay Beach

The following table displays the options located near Geejam. Click the names below to learn more:

Beaches Near Geejam
Beach Distance Direction Location
Frenchmen's Cove Beach 0.5 E 3.5 mi. East of Port Antonio
San San Beach 0.8 E 3.8 mi. East of Port Antonio
Tropical Lagoon 1.5 E 4.5 mi. East of Port Antonio
Fairy Hill Beach 1.7 E 4.7 mi. East of Port Antonio
Winnifred Beach 2.2 E Fairy Hill
Port Antonio East Harbour 2.2 W Port Antonio
Folly Ruins Beach 2.3 WNW Port Antonio
Blue Lagoon 2.6 W Port Antonio
Errol Flynn Marina Beach 3.1 W Port Antonio
Navy Island 3.2 WNW Port Antonio
Zion Hill Beach 3.5 E 6.5 mi. East of Port Antonio
Boston Bay Beach 3.5 E Boston Bay
Crusoe's Beach 4.0 W Port Antonio

Frenchmen's Cove Beach is closest to the hotel. Frenchmen's Cove Beach history of celebrity connections is what initially attracts people to the beach, but it is the natural beauty that convinces them to stay. Just a few dollars gets you in for the day. You can soak in the sun at Frenchmen's Cove Beach for as long as you want, since there are both showers and restrooms on-site.

Some might enjoy Fairy Hill Beach which is home to plenty of activity. Along the way to Port Antonio rests Fairy Hill Beach. Don't let the steep road deter you, for the beaches are clean and tranquil and usually not very crowded. This one is a mile and a half east of the lodgings.

Nearby Areas

Visitors who are hesitant to book their accommodations before learning about what's located nearby may be wondering how close (or far) the closest town or city is from their accommodations. Geejam is located in the eastern part of Port Antonio, a town in Portland Parish.

The areas found closest to Geejam are listed below.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Drapers 0.4 SW
Turtle Harbour 1.0 W
Fairy Hill 2.6 E
Sherwood Forest 2.9 SE
Fellowship 3.8 SW
Speyside 4.4 WSW
Windsor 5.2 SW
Delaford 5.3 SW
Boston Bay 5.4 SE
Orange Bay 5.6 WNW

Nearby Attractions

Although there are not dozens of attractions within close proximity to the hotel, you can still explore attractions like Somerset Falls, which is one of the closest ones.

The following table can provide more details about nearby attractions:

Attractions Near Geejam
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Somerset Falls Waterfall 9.7 W 6.7 mi. West of Port Antonio
Neville Antonio Park Park 3.0 W Port Antonio
Christ Church Historical Site 2.8 W Port Antonio
Folly Lighthouse Lighthouse 2.6 WNW Port Antonio
Folly Ruins Historical Site 2.3 WNW Port Antonio
Reach Falls Waterfall 11.7 SE 11.6 mi. North-Northeast of Morant Bay

If you're looking for an enjoyable experience, Somerset Falls might be what the doctor ordered. This small waterfall my not be magnificent, but it does create a large and refreshing pool great for swimming for the whole family. Then you can board a boat to got to the second waterfall; Hidden Falls and the grotto behind it.

Nearby Accommodations

Getting info about nearby hotel booking options is oftentimes a good means of getting a better feel for the surrounding area. You'll be able to find no shortage of other places to learn about prior to making a decision, as this portion of Jamaica offers travelers an exceptional range of resort and hotel options. Take a look at the following table to find a complete list of the hotel booking options located in the vicinity.

Accommodations near Geejam
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Frenchman's Cove Resort 0.4 E 3.4 mi. East of Port Antonio, Jamaica
Mocking Bird Hill 0.6 SW Drapers, Jamaica
Jamaica Palace Hotel 0.6 W 2.4 mi. East of Port Antonio, Jamaica
Goblin Hill Villas at San San 1.0 E 4.0 mi. East of Port Antonio, Jamaica
Trident Hotel 1.3 NW 1.9 mi. East of Port Antonio, Jamaica
Tropical Lagoon 1.5 E 4.5 mi. East of Port Antonio, Jamaica
Hotel Tim Bamboo 2.4 W Port Antonio, Jamaica
Rio Vista Resort Villas 2.8 W Port Antonio, Jamaica
Mango Ridge Guest Cottages 2.9 W Port Antonio, Jamaica
Demontevin Lodge Hotel 2.9 W Port Antonio, Jamaica

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