Natural Attractions in Port Antonio

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When you look at the list of important natural attractions in Port Antonio, it is easy to see the roll that water plays.  The Blue Lagoon and numerous waterfalls take center stage, and even the ruins of a historic plantation lead the way to a bright beach.  If green space is important to you, there is a part that is perfect for picnicking. 


Attractions Map

Even though most vacationers have heard about the beautiful water and coastline, that isn't the only way to experience the natural beauty of the land. Areas near Port Antonio some interesting options, including 3 waterfalls.

You may enjoy visiting Somerset Falls, which is situated 9.6 mi. West-Northwest of central Port Antonio. The waterfall is located between Port Antonio and Spring Garden. As you pass Hope Bay, look for signs marking Somerset Falls.

An additional attraction worth considering is Tacky Falls. It is located 10.6 mi. West of central Port Antonio. This waterfall requires a tour guide or someone who has visit the waterfall many times, as even many locals do not know where it is.

The table just below summarizes some details concerning waterfalls.

Waterfalls Near Port Antonio
Name Type Location
Reach Falls Waterfall 13.9 mi. Southeast of Central Port Antonio
Somerset Falls Waterfall 9.6 mi. West-Northwest of Central Port Antonio
Tacky Falls Waterfall 10.6 mi. West of Central Port Antonio


Travelers can experience a park in Port Antonio.

Neville Antonio Park is found in Port Antonio. This park isn't a major tourist attraction -- just a quiet green space in the heart of town. Most visitors just walk through the park then linger at the nearby Errol Flynn Marina, which offers a relaxing ambiance with a boardwalk, benches, and beautiful views of the water.

Parks In Port Antonio
Name Type Location Island
Neville Antonio Park Park 0.1 mi. South of Central Port Antonio Jamaica

Fortunately, Port Antonio has additional attractions. Click to see our extended discussion of other interesting attractions for Port Antonio.


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