Port Antonio Transportation Options

Find your way to Port Antonio for a relaxing trip of stunning sites and cool breezes

Known for being home to the famed Blue Lagoon, Port Antonio is an important tourist destination on Jamaica, as well as the third largest port. Tourists have plenty of options with regards to how to travel to and around the area, spanning land, air, and sea.

Getting There

Most people get to Port Antonio by flying from their home town, but that is not the only options available. As a major port, sailing your own watercraft and cruising are also very real possibilities.

Getting Around

Somewhat of a transportation hub, tourists have options to drive their own car, hire a cab, take the bus, and even sail in order to get around Port Antonio.

Air Travel

Unfortunately, there really isn't a great option for flying directly into Port Antonio if you're traveling internationally. There are three international airports on the island. The Ian Fleming International Airport is located in Ocho Rios. As just over an hour away by car, this is the closest option, however, the airport currently only welcomes privately chartered planes, so you'll pay a pretty penny to get there. The next nearest airport is the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, with driving time being three or more hours between the two, and finally, the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay is over four hours away.

If you'd like to save time, you can always book an international flight into Kingston or Montego Bay, then hire a domestic charter to fly you to the Ken Jones Aerodrome in Port Antonio for around $860 for four passengers. Learn more about this option when you click here.


There are three marinas in Port Antonio, but two of them have fallen in prominence as the new Errol Flynn Marina has created a haven for yachters to take advantage of.  As an official port of entry, you'll be able to sail right in, clear customs, then dock your boat without having to leave the marina.  This is a great destination for sailors who like a livlier port, as tourists and locals visit for events constantly.  Finf out more about this port and the process of clearing in by clicking here


Just as tourists can dock their yachts at the Errol Flynn Marina, so too can cruise ship companies. Due to the size of the marina, this city is not the most popular cruise destination, however, a number of smaller cruise lines like Princess do visit the area several times a year. The port is located only five minutes from town on foot, and the facilities at the marina are enough that one needn't leave the area at all. Get in some duty free shopping, grab a bite to eat, or take advantage of the internet cafe all during your designated time on land. This port is also ideally placed for a day trip to Blue Mountains, which is inevitably what most tourists do when their liner docks here.

Rental Cars

The drive from the nearest airport to Port Antonio takes a minimum of two hours, and many tourists feel that they can handle the trip on their own. If you're going to rent a car in Jamaica, you need to be between the ages of 23 and 75, and it will cost you somewhere between $35 and $250(USD) a day. Insurance is required, and if you'll be traveling with young children you'll need to find out if your rental agency offers car seats at an extra rate or if you'll need to bring your own. Driving in Jamaica is an experience, and you'll have to keep a level head about you. Click here for more details on renting a car and driving in Port Antonio.


It may be expensive, but many tourists agree that the price of taking a charter taxi from the airport to Port Antonio is worth the price of not having to brave driving on Jamaican roads. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to sit back, enjoy the ride, and take in the sites. As an added bonus, most airport transfers great guests with an ice cold drink. Once you get to Port Antonio, you'll have the option of hiring charter taxis to get around, or making use of local route taxis. Both are government sanctioned, insured, and offer set rates. Find out more here.


At the corner of Blake and West Street, right along the coastline, is where you'll find the bus station in Port Antonio. If you're staying nearby, you can head to the bus station to find a ride to your desired destination, or if you see one on the street you can flag them down much as you would a taxi. There are several buses and minibuses that operate through town for just $1(USD) for a 30 to 40 mile trip. Buses are crowded by locals and tourists, have no air conditioning, and only accept local currency. As a hub for bus transportation to the northeast end of the island, Port Antonio is also a great home base for tourists who want to explore as much of Jamaica as possible.


Port Antonio is one of the few places in Jamaica that has a true ferry service available to tourists. The ferry travels daily between the coast and Navy Island. Navy Island is a small island where guests can frolic on the beach and enjoy a picnic. The ferry takes about seven minutes and goes back and forth non-stop all day and night. If you happen to be visiting Kingston on a day trip, you can hop aboard another ferry that will take you to the authentic working fishing village of Port Royal.

What you don't know about Port Antonio, you'll soon be able to discover as you travel around the tourism-driven town. Whether you allow someone to take you on a tour, or venture out on your own, stunning attractions like Blue Lagoon and the nearby Blue Mountains are images you won't be able to easily put out of your mind.


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