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Port Lucaya is best known for the shopping opportunities, but there is a world outside the exchange of goods that must be considered by visitors who have some time to so a bit of exploring.  Most of these attractions, including a few museums, nature reserves, and a casino, are located just outside of the are known as Port Lucaya, but not so far that traveling to them is unreasonable. 


Lucayan Beach

You will find several beaches to consider visiting in and around the area. Click on the name of the beach for a detailed review of that part of the coast.

Lucayan Beach: You'll find the beach opposite the Port Lucaya hotels, east of Coral Beach. From Royal Palm Way, the beach is at the end of any number of residential roads, all of which are called Sea (Something) Lane - Sea Breeze, Sea Grape, etc.

Another alternative to consider is Taino Beach. This short but pleasant stretch of gorgeous white sand is separated from the popular Lucayan Beach by the narrow inlet to Bell Channel Bay. It is home to Taino Beach Resort which looks out onto clam, emerald ocean water.

Taino Beach: Other than one section that has a pier and some chairs, Taino Beach is free of development and is generally free of any crowds that other nearby beaches tend to have.

Port Lucaya and the surrounding areas offer many other beach choices. Click here to read our extended discussion of beaches for Port Lucaya.


In case you enjoy expanding your knowledge of unfamiliar places and cultures, you might want to visit a museum during your time in Port Lucaya.

A landmark worth visiting is Ye Olde Pirate Bottle House. It is situated at Port Lucaya Marketplace and situated in northwestern Port Lucaya. This spot is available for visitors between the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The table directly below summarizes some key facts regarding some available museums in and around Port Lucaya.

Museums In and Around Port Lucaya
Name Phone Location
Grand Bahama Museum -- 0.7 mi. Northwest of Central Port Lucaya
Museum Of Underwater Exploration -- 0.1 mi. West of Central Port Lucaya
Science Museum -- 3.8 mi. Northwest of Central Port Lucaya
Ye Olde Pirate Bottle House (242) 373-2000 0.1 mi. Northwest of Central Port Lucaya

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Grand Bahama Labyrinth

Vacationers will enjoy some other interesting sites close to Port Lucaya.

A landmark that often intrigues visitors is Grand Bahama Labyrinth. It can be found at Garden of the Groves and situated in Garden of the Groves, 5.0 mi. Northeast of central Port Lucaya. Created in 2008, the Grand Bahama Labyrinth is one of the island's newest attractions, and already one of the most popular. The Labyrinth is a religious site at the Garden of the Groves that offers healing and tranquility to all who enter it.

Miscellaneous Landmarks Near Port Lucaya
Name Type Location Island
Grand Bahama Labyrinth Monument Garden of the Groves, 5.0 mi. Northeast of Central Port Lucaya Grand Bahama Island

Nature Preserves and Hiking

Do you want to spend time out in the fresh air? You might be happy to learn the area has several enjoyable nature preserves nearby.

BNT Rand Nature Centre is a nature preserve situated 2.8 mi. Northwest of central Port Lucaya. Tourists in the Bahamas will not want to miss a chance to explore the BNT Rand Nature Centre, a calming and peaceful depiction of the natural side of the island nation.

Nature Preserves and Hiking Near Port Lucaya
Name Type Location Island
BNT Rand Nature Centre Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 2.8 mi. Northwest of Central Port Lucaya Grand Bahama Island

Parks and Botanical Gardens

Garden of the Groves

Vacationers can visit a park, as well as a botanical garden nearby.

If you enjoy tropical vegetation, consider visiting Garden of the Groves, which is found within Garden of the Groves, 5.0 mi. Northeast of central Port Lucaya. Garden of the Groves is a 12 acres garden and park dedicated to the preservation of local Bahamian flora. Certified as a Wildlife Habitat as the U.S.

The parks and gardens worth looking into can be seen below.

Parks and Gardens Near Port Lucaya
Name Type Location
Garden of the Groves Botanical Garden Garden of the Groves, 5.0 mi. Northeast of Central Port Lucaya
Regency Park Park 5.7 mi. West of Central Port Lucaya

Land Formations

Another fun idea is to visit some of the more interesting area land formations. Other types of natural attractions in Port Lucaya are listed down below.

Land Formations In Port Lucaya
Name Type Location
Bell Channel Bay Bay Central Port Lucaya
Buddha Heads Rock Formation 0.4 mi. South of Central Port Lucaya
Silver Point Reef Reef 0.3 mi. East of Central Port Lucaya


Vacationers do not generally go to Port Lucaya to find gambling, but there is one such place, Treasure Bay Casino. Relax and have fun at the Treasure Bay Casino at the Grand Lucayan Bahamas Beach. Here you can try your luck at slot machines and games, as well as enjoy the entertainment, drinks, and atmosphere of the room.


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