Port of Spain Attractions

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Port of Spain stands out on the island of Trinidad.  While the overall nature of this island is laid back and slow-going, this city is a busy one, always developing and moving forward.  This fast pace may be what draws visitors so frequently – because they know that this is where you go to find the most attractions and activity.


Maracas Bay

You'll discover a large number of beaches to consider visiting, though all of them are found nearby. Just click on the name of each beach to get additional information concerning that particular location.

Macqueripe Bay: Take Western Main Road through Chaguaramas and take the first right onto Tucker Valley Road. The road ends right at a paved parking lot where beach goers can park their vehicles before taking a concrete walkway down the hill to the bay.

Another place to consider is Cyril Bay. Cyril Bay can be found just of North Coast Road in the village of St. George.

Maracas Bay: The north coast of Trinidad is home to Maracas Bay, one of the more popular beaches on the island. Sit along the shore or enjoy the often rocky waters with strong current under the safety of a lifeguard.

Needless to say, you'll find a wide range of beaches to choose from nearby. To find out about other beaches available, read this article.

Landmark Attractions

National Museum & Art Gallery

A landmark that often intrigues visitors is National Museum & Art Gallery. It is situated in Port of Spain. If you can only visit one museum during your trip to Trinidad and Tobago, make it the National Museum & Art Gallery. Here, you'll get a little bit of everything: history, culture, and art.

Another popular destination is Central Bank Money Museum. It is located within downtown Port of Spain. Owned and staffed by the Central Bank, this museum will take visitors on a journey across the world and time to see how money, its use, and the way it is made and stored has changed over the years. At this time, the museum is closed for a complete upgrade and renovation, with the expectation that they will reopen in September of 2015.

President's House: Much like the White House in the United States, the President's House is the official residence of the president of Trinidad and Tobago. Originally built in 1876, the house has served as a governor's residence, a museum and art gallery, the governor's residence once again, and finally the president's quarters.

The region includes a nice selection of places to visit. For more in-depth coverage of other enjoyable places to visit this topic, go to this article concerning other sites worth seeing in this area.

Natural Attractions

Emperor Valley Zoo

Tourists who enjoy being outside are likely to have a pleasant time visiting Emperor Valley Zoo. Although the Emperor Valley Zoo was first built in 1947, it wasn't until 1952 that the doors were opened to the public. To this day it remains a popular family attraction, showcasing both regional and exotic animals and furthering the cause of animal conservation.

Royal Botanical Gardens is a second place you might enjoy. One of the oldest gardens in the world, the Royal Botanical Gardens was established in the year 1818, and for almost two centuries have been pleasing visitors with the colorful flowers and native plants.

Port of Spain has many other choices too. Navigate to this page dedicated to natural attractions in this area if you're seeking additional specifics.


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Club Princess Ltd is located in downtown Port of Spain. Club Princess Ltd. is a three floor gambling facility, filled with 224 slot machines and nine live game tables.

If you enjoy the simplicity of playing the slots, consider heading to Ma Pau Casino. Known as one of the best gaming spaces in Port of Spain, Ma Pau Casino offers excellent hospitality to enhance your experience.

Of course, you'll be able to find quite a few other choices. Make your way to this page regarding gaming in Port of Spain if you want additional details.


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