Ferries to Port of Spain

Sit back, relax, and sail from Port of Spain to nearby Tobago

If you'll be dividing your time on Trinidad and Tobago between the  two islands, utilizing the local ferry service is a great resource.  Not only is the service a relaxed and fun way to travel, but it is hard to beat the price – plus, it is run by a government entity making it much more reliable than other privately owned ferries in the region.  

Riding the Ferries

The Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago is in charge of the ferry service that runs several times daily between Port of Spain, Trinidad and Scarborough, Tobago.  The trip crosses 20 miles of Caribbean Sea and takes about two and a half hours.  The travel time is much longer than the 20 minutes it takes to fly, but at about $5 to $6(USD) per adult ticket, many travelers find the extra time to be worth it.  Plus, facilities on board include an air conditioned lounge with a bar, so it doesn't take much to convince many travelers that the trip will be enjoyable one.

If you take a look at the chart below you'll get an idea of how much it will cost to sail.  Note that not listed is the fact that children under the age of three travel for free.  These young children will still require a ticket to board, so be sure to book them one.

Port Of Spain Ferry Dock is the one ferry dock in the area. You will be able to call them at (868) 625-4906; or you can visit the dock on Wrightson Road in the western part of Port of Spain.

Trinidad to Tobago Fares
Ticket TypePrice on Trinidad Dollars
Adult - Cabin TT $80.00
Adult - Economy TT $37.50
Child TT $18.75
Vehicle One Way TT $150.00
Vehicle Round Trip TT $250.00

Bedy Oceanline

As you'll see on the chart below, in addition to the Inter-Island ferry, we also have listings for a service calledBedy Oceanline which offers transportation between Trinidad, Grenada, St. Vincent, and St. Lucia.  As of June 2014, there is no word that this ferry has begun traveling this route, but it is in the works.  Make sure to contact Bedy before banking on using this service during your time in Port of Spain.  

Ferry Routes, Port of Spain
Location Served Dock A Dock B Company Frequency
Scarborough Port Of Spain Ferry Dock Scarborough Ferry Port Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago at least daily

Whether you're looking to save money or just think the idea of sailing on a fairy is an exciting one, the possibility of traveling aboard the Trinidad and Tobago Inter-Island ferry is there and ready to treat you to a very Caribbean way of getting around. 


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