Shopping in Port of Spain

In all of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain is the center of shopping offering not only the most shops and services, but the widest selection as well.  Many previous visitors have likened the town to an international bazaar, and you certainly will be able to find products from around the world here. 

Modern shopping malls exist mainly on Frederick and Charlotte Streets.  Here, you'll find high end fashion, accessories, jewelry, and other typical products you can purchase in a mall, but at lower prices then you're probably used to seeing back home.  

In addition to malls, there are also several open air markets where you'll find some of the best local foods and handmade crafts around.  These markets are where you want to go to get souvenirs. 

Gifts and Souvenirs

If you're looking for some gifts you might enjoy a visit to Sun Tings, which is found within Port of Spain. Sun Tings has a wide selection of island themed products, such as miniature steel pans, decorative plates, and of course, t-shirts, caps, and beach wear. Visitors will find them at 12 Frederick Street.

Another possibility is Native Spirit, which is found to the of Sun Tings. The t-shirts printed by Native Spirit are inspired by the culture of Trinidad and the Caribbean. You'll be able to purchase clothing for kids and adults of all ages and sizes, as well as accessories like caps, beach bags, and more. If you want to call ahead, you can do so at (868) 622-7969.

A third place to consider is Ray Cool. For top of the line sunglasses on Trinidad, check out Ray Cool. There are Ray Cool stands in shopping malls and centers throughout the island, including this one at Long Circular Mall. You can contact them at (868) 622-7154.

The following chart enables you to learn more details on 14 of the gift and souvenir shops in Port of Spain.

Gifts and Souvenirs In Port of Spain
Name Phone Location
Bambu Gift Shop (868) 632-7567 Port of Spain
D & N Flower & Gift Shop (868) 679-6900 Downtown Port of Spain
D' Trini Shop (868) 669-8954 Port of Spain
Elgee Wholesalers Ltd (868) 675-7376 Port of Spain
Faustin's Photo Studio & Gift Shop (868) 640-8721 Port of Spain
Khemlani's Souvenir Shop (868) 623-4518 Downtown Port of Spain
Native Spirit (868) 622-7969 St. James
Ray Cool (868) 622-7154 St. James, 1.2 mi. North-Northeast of Central Port of Spain
Sapodilla Gift Shop (868) 640-8634 Port of Spain
Stechers Limited (868) 622-8870 1.9 mi. North-Northwest of Downtown Port of Spain
Sun Tings (868) 625-5901 Port of Spain
The Gift Shoppe (868) 625-2195 1.3 mi. Northwest of Downtown Port of Spain
Trinidad Trophies Ltd (868) 628-3160 Woodbrook
Vishala's (868) 640-2601 Port of Spain

Specialty Shops

One of the more popular speciality shops in this area is 101 Art Gallery. This venue is found within central Port of Spain. For 28 years, owner Mark Pereira has opened the doors on a daily basis to allow collectors and lovers of fine arts to come browse the collected works of artists that he has hand selected to have permanent exhibits on site. Unlike many other art galleries that are always bringing in new artists, 101 is loyal to 12 artists who exhibit bi-annually. The property is located at 84 Woodford Street.

A second option is The Trinidad Art Society, which is located mi. ( km) from 101 Art Gallery. As a group, the Trinidad Art Society works to promote the arts. This is done by hosting exhibitions, readings, concerts, classes and more. The property is situated on Jamaican Boulevard and St Vincent Circle .

Gregory Scott Art Studio: In addition to his more commercial pursuits, Gregory Scott has a collection of fine art photographic prints on sale in his shop. His works are perfect for tourists looking for an elegant souvenir, because his subject of choice is typically the beautiful landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. Guests can find them at 48 Mucurapo Rd.

The chart below provides more details concerning the 20 specialty shops located in Port of Spain.

Specialty Shops In Port of Spain
Name Type Phone Location
101 Art Gallery Art Gallery (868) 628-4081 1.0 mi. North-Northwest of Downtown Port of Spain
Anton's Gold Rush Jewelry Store (868) 627-1611 Downtown Port of Spain
B & R Jewellers Ltd Jewelry Store (868) 622-4367 Downtown Port of Spain
Beach Break Surf Shop Surfing Gear Store (868) 632-7873 1.8 mi. Northwest of Central Port of Spain
Bobby's & Sons Jewellery Co Ltd Jewelry Store (868) 674-1240 Port of Spain
De Lima's Jewelry Store (868) 623-1360 1.3 mi. Northwest of Downtown Port of Spain
Glen's Jewellery Ltd Jewelry Store (868) 633-7829 Port of Spain
Gregory Scott Art Studio Art Gallery (868) 717-7545 Downtown Port of Spain
In2 Art Ltd Art Gallery -- St. Ann's
Janice's Studio Jewelry Store (868) 621-3319 3.3 mi. East-Northeast of Central Port of Spain
Maraj Fine Collection Ltd Jewelry Store (868) 622-5008 St. James
Mouttet Jewellers Ltd Jewelry Store (868) 622-8141 Woodbrook
Nazim's Jewellery Jewelry Store (868) 623-1296 Downtown Port of Spain
Soft Box Studios Ltd Art Gallery (868) 622-8610 1.2 mi. Northwest of Downtown Port of Spain
The Gallery of Fine Art Art Gallery (868) 628-4669 1.3 mi. Northwest of Downtown Port of Spain
The Pink Sapphire Jewelry Store (868) 623-9372 Port of Spain
The Trinidad Art Society Art Gallery (868) 622-9827 Port of Spain
Y Art & Framing Gallery Art Gallery (868) 628-4165 Woodbrook
Yasmin's Art and Framing Art Gallery (868) 628-4165 Woodbrook
Zina's Jewellery & Cosmetics Ltd Jewelry Store (868) 640-2543 Port of Spain

Clothing and Apparel

Looking for clothing? You might want to visit Flirt By Vs Ltd -- which is situated in Woodbrook, in central Port of Spain. Flirt By Vs Ltd is all about showing off the female form. If you've got a rockin' bod and want to show it off, you'll find clothing, shoes, and accessories for you at this fun boutique. If you have questions, call them at (868) 627-5458.

Another good option is Livin Trini -- which is located 0.6 mi. (1.0 km) to the east of Flirt By Vs Ltd. Swimwear, towels, flotation devices, and beach toys are available at Livin Trini, among other souvenirs and gifts. You may also rent beach chairs, tables, and umbrellas at this store for your convenience. If you'd like to call in advance, you can do so at (868) 348-9973.

A third place to consider is Ray Cool. In addition to brand name sunglasses, a variety of high end fragrances are available at Ray Cool as well. These include Armani, Curve, Nautica, and Guess. If you want to call ahead, do so at (868) 622-7154.

Several of the apparel shops in Port of Spain are summarized in the chart below.

Clothing and Apparel In Port of Spain
Name Type Phone Location
212 Accessories Boutique (868) 623-1311 Port of Spain
All That Jazz Boutique (868) 637-5526 Port of Spain
Bang Bang Boutique (868) 640-5002 Port of Spain
Blooming Bloomers Boutique (868) 623-2778 Downtown Port of Spain
Brands Galore Boutique Boutique (868) 653-2079 Downtown Port of Spain
Cache Boutique (868) 633-5907 Port of Spain
Charrans-Vani's Valpark Boutique (868) 645-8792 Downtown Port of Spain
Cream Soda Boutique (868) 625-7051 Downtown Port of Spain
Flirt By Vs Ltd Boutique (868) 627-5458 1.3 mi. Northwest of Downtown Port of Spain
Geopa Designs Boutique (868) 633-6984 Port of Spain
Ilda's Boutique Boutique (868) 622-5980 St. James
J&K Signature Styles Clothing Store (868) 625-9561 Downtown Port of Spain
Livin Trini Swimwear, Beachwear and Sportswear Store (868) 348-9973 0.8 mi. Northwest of Downtown Port of Spain
Nicole's Family Boutique Boutique (868) 636-2136 Downtown Port of Spain, 11.1 mi. Southeast of Central Port of Spain
Priyadarshini Boutique (868) 637-0065 Port of Spain
Ray Cool Sunglasses Shop (868) 622-7154 St. James, 1.2 mi. North-Northeast of Central Port of Spain
Susan's Exclusive Boutique (868) 623-3172 Port of Spain
United Colors Of Benetton Boutique (868) 622-8245 Port of Spain
V S Fashions Boutique (868) 624-9934 Port of Spain
Veltronics Boutique (868) 637-0261 Port of Spain

Food and Grocery

Need to pick up some food supplies? Peppercorns is situated in northeastern Port of Spain. A huge majority of the goods available at Peppercorns are imported from the US, Canada, and Europe, with every items being of gourmet standard. Products include cheeses, meats, frozen foods, desserts, products, dressings, sauces, and a nice selection of gluten free options. If you'd like to call before making reservations, do so at (868) 628-5573.

A second option is Symmetry Trinidad, which is located 1.1 mi. (1.8 km) to the south of Peppercorns. Symmetry works using a series of daily drinks, supplements, vitamins, and cleanses. Your personal Symmetry consultant will work directly with you to determine exactly what you need to lose weight and get healthy. You'll be able to find them at 16 Methuen Street .

Take a minute to read the table just below if you want more information.

Food and Grocery Stores In Port of Spain
Name Type Phone Location
Chee Mooke Bakery Ltd Bakery (868) 623-4607 Downtown Port of Spain
Dollybake Bakery Bakery (868) 638-3596 Port of Spain
Fernandes Fine Wines & Spirits Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (868) 637-1300 Downtown Port of Spain
Food Giant Supermarket Grocery Store (868) 674-9184 Port of Spain
Freddie's Bread Basket Bakery (868) 622-0817 St. James
Lucky Bakery Bakery (868) 623-6953 Downtown Port of Spain
Payless Supermarket Grocery Store (868) 624-6895 Downtown Port of Spain
Peppercorns Grocery Store (868) 628-5573 1.9 mi. North-Northwest of Downtown Port of Spain
Pricesmart Grocery Store -- 1.6 mi. West of Downtown Port of Spain
Shannon's Pastry Palace Bakery (868) 674-8050 Port of Spain
Sing Chong Supermarket Grocery Store (868) 623-8680 Port of Spain
Singh's Liquor Mart Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (868) 628-6252 St. James
St Mary's Bakery Bakery (868) 663-6036 Port of Spain
Symmetry Trinidad Organic / Health Food Store (868) 625-2286 Woodbrook
Vintage Imports Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (868) 628-4592 Woodbrook

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