Attractions in Portsmouth

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The second largest town on the island, Portsmouth's major attraction is the nearby Cabrit's National Forest.  This allows the town to draw in a crowd of visitors who prefer to spend their days outdoors seeking out adventure and learning about the local environment.  Those who would rather spend their time learning about history and culture will find a fort and museum in town, while the attractions that appeals to the most broad array of visitors are the beaches. 


Attractions Map

You'll discover a good group of beaches to consider in the area. If you're looking for a quiet getaway, you will be pleased to know that several of the beaches are fairly secluded and lightly used. Click on each beach name for a detailed review of that specific beach.

Douglas Bay: You should have no trouble finding your way here by car. Head north out of Portsmouth on West Coast Rd.

A second option for beach-goers to consider is Secret Beach. On the edge of Prince Rupert Bay as you approach Portsmouth from the south is Dominica's Secret Beach. The ocean is clear and warm, with great spots for snorkeling and diving nearby.

Dublanc Beach: Access this beach by heading north from Roseau on Leblanc Highway and enjoy the stunning coastal sightseeing on the way.

Luckily, you'll be able to find additional choices for beaches in the area. To read our detailed page about beaches, click here.


Fort Shirley Welcome Center and Museum

If you like to learn about other cultures and places, you might want to visit a museum while on vacation in Portsmouth.

A common landmark for vacationers is Fort Shirley Welcome Center and Museum. It is found within Fort Shirley and located in Portsmouth. The historic fort stands as a showcase to the past; allowing visitors to experience a time on Dominica that has long since passed. While the fort is mostly in ruins today, attentive visitors will realize and learn of the strategic importance it played on the island.

The chart below summarizes more information about a museum you might enjoy in Portsmouth.

Museums In Portsmouth
Name Phone Location Island
Fort Shirley Welcome Center and Museum (767) 445-6009 1.3 mi. West-Northwest of Central Portsmouth Dominica

Historical Sites

Fort Shirley

In case you like to explore the historical roots of an unfamiliar place, you might want to visit a historical site during your vacation.

Many travelers choose to visit Fort Shirley. It is located within western Portsmouth. Built in the 1700's, this fort once stood guard for all of Dominica. Today it is part of the Cabrits National Park, and offers tourist a unique window into the history of the Caribbean's colonial past.

Historic Sites In Portsmouth
Name Type Phone Location Island
Fort Shirley Historical Site (767) 445-6009 1.3 mi. West-Northwest of Central Portsmouth Dominica

Natural Attractions

Cabrits Historical and Marine Park

Cabrits Historical and Marine Park is one of the more popular outdoor tourist attractions. This nature preserve is a mixture of forest and swampland that today is the location of choice for both tourists and migratory birds. In addition, the site is also home to a large fort built by the British in the latter part of the eighteenth century that included around 50 different building.

A second place that you might enjoy is Brandy Falls. Brandy Falls is an inland flow that appears to clear its own path down a steep slope through the forest. This exciting waterfall is great for the whole family.

Portsmouth is home to other nature attractions. To learn about more natural attractions in and around Portsmouth, check out this page.


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