Map of Attractions in Portsmouth

1 | Cabrits National Park

This nature preserve is a mixture of forest and swampland that today is the location of choice for both tourists and migratory birds. In addition, the site is also home to a large fort built by the British in the latter part of the eighteenth century that included around 50 different building.

Make your way south west for 1.6 miles (2.6 km) from the center of Tanetane to find this nature sanctuary/wildlife reserve.

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2 | Fort Shirley

Built in the 1700's, this fort once stood guard for all of Dominica. Today it is part of the Cabrits National Park, and offers tourist a unique window into the history of the Caribbean's colonial past.

Go a few hundred yards (a quarter kilometer) from Cabrits Historical and Marine Park to reach this historical site, which is located within driving distance from Portsmouth.

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3 | Fort Shirley Welcome Center and Museum

At the Fort Shirley Welcome Center is a small museum that is open to the public. The museum showcases both the natural and historic importance of the grounds, discussing plants that reside along the trails, and some of the area's military history.

Find this museum within the domain of Fort Shirley.

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1 | Waitukubuli Trail: Borne to Penville

The center of Portsmouth is located a short distance away to the west of this hiking trail.

1 | Brandy Falls

Brandy Falls is an inland flow that appears to clear its own path down a steep slope through the forest. This exciting waterfall is great for the whole family.

This waterfall is within traveling distance from Portsmouth, four miles (six and a half kilometers) west-southwest of the center of Anse Du Me.

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1 | Hot Springs

The center of Dublanc is a short distance away south west of this park.

1 | Waitukubuli Trail: Syndicate to Borne

Travel 6.8 miles (11.0 km) to the south west from the center of Calibishie to find this hiking trail.

This map contains the approximate location of 7 attractions in Portsmouth.

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Points of Interest Near Portsmouth
Click to Show Name (Click to Read Article) Area/Vicinity (Click to Show on Map)
Brandy Falls 1.6 mi. East-Southeast of Central Portsmouth
Cabrits Historical and Marine Park 1.4 mi. West-Northwest of Central Portsmouth
Fort Shirley 1.3 mi. West-Northwest of Central Portsmouth
Fort Shirley Welcome Center and Museum 1.3 mi. West-Northwest of Central Portsmouth
Hot Springs Central Portsmouth
Waitukubuli Trail: Borne to Penville 1.8 mi. East of Central Portsmouth
Waitukubuli Trail: Syndicate to Borne 4.1 mi. Southeast of Central Portsmouth


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