Portsmouth Buses

Buses in Portsmouth are actually privately-owned, brightly-colored vans with the name of the bus operator scrawled across the window shield

Locals and tourists pack together as tightly as possible in the vans, chatting, gossiping, and getting to know one another as they drive along. Often, the driver will blast the radio and everyone who knows the lyrics will sing along. It is extremely rare that you will get on board a bus to complete silence, and it is just as rare that you aren't so crowded that you aren't touching another person because you are sitting so close to them.

Rates are set by the government, but do vary depending upon where you are going. Expect to pay between $1.50 and $11 East Caribbean Dollar per person.

Bus Destinations from Roseau
DestinationFare (East Caribbean Dollar)
Calibishie 11.00
Canefield 2.50
Carib Reserve 11.00
Castle Bruce 9.00
Marigot 11.00
Mero 4.00
Portsmouth 9.00
Rosalie 7.00
Scott's Head 4.00
Soufriere 4.00

There are no bus stops on the island. Instead, you're expected to begin walking in the direction you want to go and keep an eye out for a bus. If you see one, raise your arm straight up in the air, trying to make eye contact with the driver, and wave your arm up and down until the driver pulls over to pick you up. Make sure to ask where the driver is headed so you know you'll make it to your destination, and be prepared to offer exact change in local currency. When you get near enough to your stop, simply shout “Getting off!” or something similar, and the driver will pull over to drop you off.


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