Eco Tourism Accommodations in Portsmouth

Eco Tourists will feel right at home in the rustic setting of Portsmouth. The town's proximitiy to the island's many natural attractions make any hotel in Portsmouth a good option for those hoping to explore. However, the ones below go beyond location and deliver an experience for the true eco tourist. Whether it is rustic accommodations and cabins or environmentally friendly practices, the hotels stay true to the Nature Island.

Camping and Eco-Tourism In Portsmouth

Vacationers who love the great outdoors might want to think about the opportunities for eco-tourism in the area. In addition to the eco-lodges you'll find, a unique eco-resort is another possibility. Read additional info about each of the options shown by clicking on their names.

Hotel the Champs

Manicou River Resort is one property of this type located in northern Portsmouth. The perfect spot to plan a getaway for lovers of nature, Manicou River Resot offers cabins and tree house style accommodations that allow guests to feel enveloped by the environment throughout the length of their stay. If you are looking for something specific and want to call before making reservations, do so at (767) 616-8903.

Some of the eco-accommodation options are shown in the following table.

Eco-Accommodations In Portsmouth
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location
Hotel the Champs Lodge (767) 445-4452


Central Portsmouth
Manicou River Resort Eco resort (767) 616-8903


1.5 mi. North of Central Portsmouth
Secret Bay Resort Lodge (767) 445-4444


2.5 mi. South-Southwest of Central Portsmouth

Bear in mind that you will find plenty of other types of properties you'll be able to find. Follow this link to see our discussion of other kinds of accommodations for Portsmouth.


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