Map of Restaurants in Portsmouth

1 | Purple Turtle Beach Club

Travel northwest for a short distance away from the center of Portsmouth to get to this bar and grill, which is located within traveling distance from Portsmouth.

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2 | Blue Bay Restaurant

What appears to be a relaxed beach bar is actually one of the best kitchens around. This spot is so well-liked that reservations are a necessity.

Make your way within walking distance to the southeast from Purple Turtle Beach Club to reach this bar and grill.

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3 | Douglas Guesthouse Snackette

Travelers will be able to find this snack bar within Douglas Guesthouse, a short distance from Blue Bay Restaurant.

1 | Piccolos Hot Dog Stand

2 | Cocoatown Cafe

This cafe is a short distance from Piccolos Hot Dog Stand, and is on Rodney Street.

3 | Heaven's Best Restaurant

An elegant establishment where seats are available by reservation only, this restaurant is one of those spots you have to try once in your life.

This restaurant is located on the premises of Heaven's Best Guesthouse, and is just 0.3 miles (0.5 km) northeast of Cocoatown Cafe.

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1 | Sisters Beach Restaurant

Sisters Beach Bar and Restaurant is located on the property of the Sisters Sea Lodge in Portsmouth. Surrounded by tropical gardens and the Prince Rupert Bay, this spot is perfect for diners who don't want to spend a minute away from the bountiful splendor of natural Dominica.

Found at Sister Sea Lodge, this restaurant is a little more than a mile (approximately two kilometers) to the south of the center of Portsmouth.

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2 | Subway

America's favorite submarine sandwich shop, Subway, now has a home on Dominica. When you need a meal on the goal that is both healthy and will fill you up, you can trust that Subway will do the job.

You will be able to find this fast food restaurant on Banana Trail, a couple hundred yards (a few hundred meters) from Sisters Beach Bar & Restaurant.

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3 | Madelene's

This restaurant is situated on the premises of Picard Food Pavillion, and is a few hundred yards (a quarter kilometer) from Subway Portsmouth.

4 | Lulu's

This grill can be found on the same premises as Picard Food Pavillion.

5 | First Choice Delight

Find this carry out restaurant on the same premises as Picard Food Pavillion.

6 | Chef Fontaine Grill

Interested guests will be able to find this grill within the domain of Picard Food Pavillion.

7 | Loraine's Cuisine

This restaurant is located within Picard Food Pavillion.

8 | Mexican Cuisine Shack

This restaurant is situated on the premises of Picard Food Pavillion.

9 | Nelson's Grill House

Vacationers will find this grill within the grounds of Picard Food Pavillion.

10 | Rituals Coffee Picard

Nelson's Grill House is a short distance northeast of this coffeehouse.

11 | Natural Livity

Head within walking distance from Rituals Coffee Picard to reach this restaurant, which is situated within traveling range of Portsmouth.

12 | The Tomato Cafe

The Tomato Cafe is a fresh food cafe, serving up a menu of meals that you can be sure are made of the highest quality ingredients. Whether you order from the deli, the main entree menu, or just stop in for a coffee, you can be sure you're getting the best of the best.

Visitors can find this café within traveling range of Portsmouth, a short distance from Natural Livity.

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13 | Comfortel De Champ Restaurant and Bar

After a long day of exploring the island, the restaurant and bar at Comfortel de Champ is a great place to unwind with a cool drink and great food.

Head a short distance from The Tomato Cafe to reach this bar and grill, which is situated on the premises of Comfortel De Champ Hotel.

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14 | La Flambeau Restaurant & Bar

Go a short distance from Comfortel De Champ Restaurant and Bar to get to this restaurant, which is situated on the same premises as Hotel Portsmouth Beach.

15 | Le Flambeau Restaurant

Guests of Picard Beach Cottages are invited to dine at Le Flambeau Restaurant & Beach Bar for all three meals a day. The restaurant is located adjacent to the cottages, so they are easily accessed and readily enjoyed.

Situated on the premises of Picard Beach Cottages, this restaurant is located about a hundred yards (a couple hundred meters) from La Flambeau Restaurant & Bar.

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16 | Peanut Farm Bar

Guests staying on site at this rustic establishment can stop by the bar for a refreshing beverage whenever they are in the mood to relax.

Guests will be able to find this bar and grill on the premises of Barb Wire Bungalows, a short distance from Le Flambeau Restaurant.

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This interactive map shows the approximate location of 22 restaurants in Portsmouth.

Click on each of the colored map pins in order to find out more concerning the points shown on the map, or to get a close-up view of that particular area. A second alternative is to interact with the map by using the table below. Pick a place that interests you, and just click on the colored map pin in the left-most column, or you can click on the location summary shown in the third column.

Points of Interest Near Portsmouth
Click to Show Name (Click to Read Article) Area/Vicinity (Click to Show on Map)
Blue Bay Restaurant 0.4 mi. Northwest of Central Portsmouth
Chef Fontaine Grill Central Portsmouth
Cocoatown Cafe 0.2 mi. South of Central Portsmouth
Comfortel De Champ Restaurant and Bar Central Portsmouth
Douglas Guesthouse Snackette 0.3 mi. Northwest of Central Portsmouth
First Choice Delight Central Portsmouth
Heaven's Best Restaurant 0.2 mi. East of Central Portsmouth
La Flambeau Restaurant & Bar Central Portsmouth
Le Flambeau Restaurant Central Portsmouth
Loraine's Cuisine Central Portsmouth
Lulu's Central Portsmouth
Madelene's Central Portsmouth
Mexican Cuisine Shack Central Portsmouth
Natural Livity Central Portsmouth
Nelson's Grill House Central Portsmouth
Peanut Farm Bar & Grille Central Portsmouth
Piccolos Hot Dog Stand 0.3 mi. South of Central Portsmouth
Purple Turtle Beach Club 0.6 mi. Northwest of Central Portsmouth
Rituals Coffee Picard Central Portsmouth
Sisters Beach Bar & Restaurant Central Portsmouth
Subway Portsmouth Central Portsmouth
The Tomato Cafe Central Portsmouth


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