Shopping in Portsmouth

Although it is a duty free port, most tourists will find the shopping opportunities in Portsmouth to be lacking.  If you plan to stock up on goods at discounted prices during your stay, consider a trip to Roseau where you'll have an easier time finding luxury products.

In Portsmouth, you may as well take advantage of the small town feel which promotes mom and pop shops and market hopping in order to secure all of your needs.  There is a farmer's market on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday near the fisheries complex where you'll be able to stock up on produce.  Seafood can be bought direct from the boat as local fishermen pull in after a morning at sea.  Finally, bread products are baked fresh and sold in bakeries and grocery stores daily.  If they run out – which is not uncommon – you can get bread from a bread shack or a bread van. 

Specialty Shops

One of the more interesting specialty retailers in this area is Cabrits Dive Centre. This venue is located in Portsmouth. Cabrits Dive Center certifies over 200 divers every year, and they return again and again to dive in the unique location the this center has claimed as its own. If you want to call before making reservations, do so at (767) 445-3011.

A second option is Indigo Art Gallery, which is located easily reached by taxi to the east of Cabrits Dive Centre. Ms. Frederick's works are made with pen and ink, water color, acrylic paint, and oil pastels -- whatever moves her with regard to a particular piece. When you come and visit, not only will you be able to browse her works, but also purchase some of her fresh juice, rum punch, coffee, and bush teas for you to sip sitting down on a driftwood chair and watch the birds flying over the canopy. If you have questions, call them at (767) 445-3486.

Some specialty shops in and around Portsmouth are shown here:

Specialty Shops Around Portsmouth
Name Type Phone Location
Cabrits Dive Centre Dive Shop (767) 445-3011 1.3 mi. West of Central Portsmouth
Indigo Art Gallery Art Gallery (767) 445-3486 2.1 mi. East of Central Portsmouth
Seaside Dive Resort Dive Shop (767) 446-6522 8.7 mi. South of Central Portsmouth

Food and Grocery

Take a minute to read the table just below for more information.

Food and Grocery Stores Around Portsmouth
Name Type Phone Location
Coral Reef Groceries Grocery Store (767) 445-7432 Calibishie, 7.1 mi. East of Central Portsmouth
Portsmouth Farmer's Market Fruit and Vegetable Market -- 0.2 mi. West of Central Portsmouth

Other Retail

The table just below shows some details regarding 4 other shopping locations in Portsmouth.

Other Types of Shopping In Portsmouth
Name Type Phone Location
Bayside Pharmacy Drug Store (767) 445-4751 0.3 mi. South of Central Portsmouth
Bullseye Pharmacy Picard Drug Store (767) 445-3600 Central Portsmouth
Ideal Pharmacy Drug Store (767) 445-3038 0.2 mi. South of Central Portsmouth
Picard Food Pavillion Shopping Center -- Central Portsmouth

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