Taxis in Portsmouth

Taxis are a top choice for getting around Portsmouth

The biggest concern for tourists vacationing in Portsmouth is the lack of dependable roads in and around town. Fortunately, they can depend on taxis to get the from place to place, a fact that saves them from having to navigate the ill-cared for roads. Although costs are high, the peace of mind seems to be worth the price tag.

Taxi Companies

Taxis are readily available in all of the major tourist destinations in Portsmouth, such as at the farmer's market and around popular resorts. When you're on the hunt for a ride, you'll notice quickly that rather than four to five passenger sedans, taxis here are actually minibuses. Still, you'll be able to tell these vehicles apart by the letter “H” in the license plate, which stands for “hire.” This will indicate to you that the vehicle you're getting in is appropriately licensed. Additionally, the drivers will be in uniforms and their credentials will be posted.

If you have questions about how taxis are operated, you can call the Dominica Taxi Association at 767-449-8533.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Taxis in Portsmouth offer set rates rather than have meters ticking away as you make your way around town. The rates are set in advance by the government, and you can ask your driver upfront how much it will be to get to your destination, and he or she will be able to easily look it up. Even if you already know the rate, confirming with your driver is wise to ensure there is no confusion when it comes time to pay.

Wondering what it costs to use a taxi? Take a look at this set of examples.

Typical Fares Around Portsmouth
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 26.00 - $ 32.00 Douglas-Charles Airport Portsmouth

Drivers do not require a tip, however, it is in good form to offer a gratuity of somewhere between 15 and 20 percent of your final bill.

Taxi Tours

If you don't want to sign up for an expensive tour of the island that may include sites you simply aren't interested in, you can hire a taxi driver to take you on a more personalized drive. You can let your driver know your interests and even name some sites you want to see, and you will be treated to a tour catered directly to your needs. The price is $70 to $90(USD) for up to five hours.

Taxis on Dominica are fairly straight forward. You can hail a cab on the street, call ahead to have one pick you up, or even hire a driver to take you on a tour. Whether you have the opportunity to use one method or them all, you shouldn't have trouble using this service in Portsmouth.


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