Map of Attractions on Providenciales

1 | Northwest Point National Park

One of the most important natural attractions on Providenciales, this property actually consists of Northwest Point Marine Natural Park and Northwest Point Pond Nature Reserve. Touring both sides of the reserve is a great way to spend a few hours of your day.

Travelers will be able to find this nature sanctuary/wildlife reserve within easy traveling distance from Five Cays, five miles (eight and a half kilometers) northwest of the center of Blue Hills.

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1 | Amanyara Spa

Set on a reflection pond and surrounded by beautiful gardens, the scene of Amanyara Spa is relaxing enough on its own. Add in the numerous health and wellness services that they offer, and you won't find a more healing place during your getaway.

This spa is 4.2 miles (6.8 km) west-northwest of the center of Blue Hills, and is on the premises of Amanyara.

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1 | Spa Tropique

With several locations on the island and a mobile service to boot, Spa Tropique is a top health, wellness, and pampering service for locals and visitor alike. They are also the longest running spa service on the island, with a reputation you can trust.

This spa can be found within Shops of Ports of Call, and is a short distance from the center of Grace Bay.

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2 | Casablanca Casino

Experience the thrill of the game when you place a bet and lay it all out on the line at Casablanca Casino in Grace Bay. There are 12 game tables, featuring Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, and Roulette; and 85 slot machines with betting starting as low as one penny.

This gambling site is situated a short distance (about three quarters of a kilometer) from Spa Tropique, and is on the same premises as Casablanca Casino.

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3 | Provo Golf Club

Provo Golf Club is the lone course on the sandy Providenciales island, and is in an ideal spot for bird-watchers. The lakes on the property are home to egrets, heron, and the always delightful migratory flamingos.

Head a short distance (about a kilometer) to the northeast from Casablanca Casino to find this golf course, which is located in the eastern part of Grace Bay.

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1 | Spa at Regent Palms

It is no wonder that a resort which focuses on luxury and opulence has a spa on hand, but the fact that it is an award winning facility will but guests at ease. With a focus on the Eastern philosophy of massage, there are numerous ways for you to get pampered without ever having to leave the property.

This spa is located 1.0 mile (1.7 km) west-southwest of Grace Bay, and is on the premises of The Regent Palms.

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1 | Cheshire Hall

The Cheshire Hall is the ruins of a cotton plantation that was built around 1700. Guest can explore the ruins on guided tours and get a glimpse of the unsuccessful cotton history in the Caicos islands.

Situated on the northern edge of the neighborhood of Five Cays Settlements, this historical site is located two and a half miles (four kilometers) southeast of the center of Blue Hills.

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1 | The Hole

The Hole is just that -- a hole in the ground on the island of Providenciales from which visitors are lowered down by rope to swim in the waters of Long Bay. This can be dangerous, so only the adventurous need apply.

This cave is located approximately a mile and a half (approximately two and a half kilometers) to the south of the center of Grace Bay.

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1 | Tropical Garden

This botanical garden is situated a short distance (about three quarters of a kilometer) from the center of Five Cays, and is on the northeastern edge of Five Cays.

2 | White House Coral Gardens

This botanical garden is from Tropical Garden, and is on the northeastern edge of Five Cays.

1 | Chalk Sound National Park

Vacationers will be able to find this nature sanctuary/wildlife reserve approximately four miles (approximately six kilometers) south of the center of Blue Hills.

This interactive map displays the location of 11 attractions on Providenciales.

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Points of Interest Near Providenciales
Click to Show Name (Click to Read Article) Area/Vicinity (Click to Show on Map)
Amanyara Spa 4.2 mi. West-Northwest of Central Blue Hills
Casablanca Casino 0.4 mi. East of Central Grace Bay
Chalk Sound National Park 3.8 mi. South of Central Blue Hills
Cheshire Hall Five Cays Settlements, Central Providenciales
Northwest Point National Park 5.2 mi. Northwest of Central Blue Hills
Provo Golf & Country Club 0.9 mi. East-Northeast of Central Grace Bay
Spa Tropique 0.2 mi. South of Central Grace Bay
Spa at Regent Palms 1.0 mi. West-Southwest of Central Grace Bay
The Hole 1.5 mi. South of Central Grace Bay
Tropical Garden 0.5 mi. Northeast of Central Five Cays
White House Coral Gardens 0.5 mi. Northeast of Central Five Cays


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