Providenciales Rental Cars

Rental cars allow tourists the freedom to explore

Although rental cars can be hard to come by on some of the less populated islands, this is not the case on Providenciales. Plenty of rental agencies are located both near the airport and placed strategically throughout the rest of the island, offering competitive rates and easy rental requirements to get you one the road and exploring this bustling Caribbean isle.

Renting a Car

When it comes to renting a car in Providenciales, rules and regulations are mostly at the discretion of the agency. While most places will require you to be 25-years-old in order to rent, some can be persuaded to rent to a 21-year-old – though none are willing to go any lower than that. You will also need a legal driver's license from your country of origin, but otherwise, contact the agency you plan to rent with to learn about any other requirements they might have.

When it comes to the rental agencies available to you, you'll find both international franchises and local agencies.

Review the following table for more information.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Avis Providenciales International Airport (649) 946-4705 Providenciales International Airport - Five Cays Settlements
Budget Rent A Car (649) 946-4079 Five Cays Settlements
Caicos Wheels (649) 946-8302 Shops of Ports of Call - Five Cays Settlements
Grace Bay Car Rentals And Sales (649) 941-8500 Grace Bay Road - Five Cays Settlements
Hertz Mystique Car Rental & Tours (649) 941-5718 Airport Road - Five Cays Settlements
Hertz Providenciales Airport (649) 941-5503 Providenciales International Airport - Five Cays Settlements
Mystique Car Rental And Tours (649) 941-3910 #72 Old Airport Road - 5.6 mi. (9.0 km) West of Grace Bay
Rent A Buggy (649) 946-4158 Leeward Highway - Five Cays Settlements
Superior Auto Rentals Providenciales Office (649) 245-0481 Off Lower Bight Road - The Bight
Thrifty Providenciales Airport (649) 946-4475 Providenciales International Airport - Five Cays Settlements

Before you take the plunge and reserve your rental, make sure to contact your hotel. A few hotels on the island offer free transportation for guests, making the need for a rental car obsolete. If you do end up needing to rent a car and you are traveling with small children, be sure to bring the appropriate child safety seats, as they will not be supplied for you.

The Cost of Renting a Car

Like the rules, the prices vary by agency, and the gap is rather large. The amount you spend will depend upon the type of vehicle you rent, as well as any extras you require, such as a navigation system, satellite radio, or leather seats. When all is said and done, you'll be looking at a price tag of between $40 and $180(USD) a day, plus a $16(USD) rental tax charged by the government, and the cost of insurance, which ranges from $10 to $20(USD) a day.

Driving Around

...enter the roundabout from the lef...


Driving in Providenciales can be confusing for many tourists because although traffic moves on the left side of the road like in most of Europe, most cars are imported from the United States and thus have left hand drive. Additionally, there are a number of roundabouts throughout the island to help keep traffic moving, and those used to driving on the right side of the road can have trouble remembering to enter the roundabout from the left.

It is advisable that you keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the driver in front of you, and simply be aware that that space will likely quickly be filled by another driver looking for an in. The longer you drive on Providenciales, the more you may notice local habits rubbing off on you. Just make sure to stick to local laws, which implore drivers and passengers to always wear a seat belt, and sick to the speed limit, which is usually around 40 miles per hour on major road ways and 20 miles per hour in residential areas. Also, be on the lookout for a few traffic signs you may not be familiar with, like the one indicating a roundabout is coming up, a circular sign with two cars (one black and one red) inside that indicates there is no passing on this road), and a triangular sign with an airplane on it that warns you there may be low-flying airplanes along this stretch of road.

Up until as recently as 2011, Providenciales had very few road signs. Several emergency situations changed all that, and the government is in the process of making sure all roads and buildings gain signs and numbers. This is making it easier for tourists to get around, which further recommends the use of a rental car over relying on taxis full time. Unfortunately, the island does still lack in traffic lights.

Gas Stations

Tourists looking to be in charge of their own transportation as they explore all that Providenciales has to offer will find that renting a car is the best option for them and will be much less expensive than hiring a taxi every time you need a ride.


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