Renting a Bike or Scooter in Puerto Morelos

Photo Credit: © Hola Bike Puerto Morelos

One of the best things about Puerto Morelos is the endless summer it seems to enjoy.  Tourists often have a hard time finding a reason to spend even a moment indoors.  With the option to rent a bicycle or moped, you can even stay outside under the sun as you travel from place to place. 

If you like the idea of exploring the area in the open air there's a place that can help.

If you'd like to go riding, you should consider Hola Bike Puerto Morelos. Bikes here are 26 inch single speed with adjustable seats. Lock are included in order to keep the rental safe from theft while in your hands, and no deposit is required. They are located in the heart of Puerto Morelos.

Be sure to look through the chart below for details on the one rental service we are aware of.

Bike and Moped Rental In Puerto Morelos
Name Type Phone Location
Hola Bike Puerto Morelos Bicycle, Moped or ATV Rental Service -- Central Puerto Morelos Mexico

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