Puerto Morelos Transportation Options

Transportation is an important factor to consider as you plan your Puerto Morelos getaway

The popularity of Puerto Morelos has its ebbs and flows. It was a boom town over a century ago, and has since become a sleepy fishing village where tourists visit for a quiet, more secluded getaway. In recent years; however, its popularity has begun to grow once more, and vacationers looking for a spot to escape the busier destinations in the Mexican Caribbean like Cancun are urged to make plans now before tourism explodes. One of the first things to consider as you begin planning is which forms of transportation will work best for you during your stay.

Getting There

Puerto Morelos is just a short distance away from Cancun, allowing tourists to easily fly into one of the best airports in the region, but flying is certainly not the only option available. This town is a popular destination for sailors who brave the seas to sail their own yacht, and is a port of call for a small amount of cruise ships each year.

Getting Around

Almost everything you need in Puerto Morelos is easily within walking distance, plus the streets are safe and well lit. Not everyone wants to walk all the time, which is when other options like renting a car, hiring a taxi, or riding the bus come in handy.

Air Travel

Less than 30 minutes away from Puerto Morelos is the Cancun International Airport (CUN), which is one of the most frequented international airports in the region. Flights here are available in abundance from all over the world, especially from the United States and Canada, and the facilities are kept up so well that most people report a pleasant experience traveling through this spot. Learn more about the airport, which airlines land here regularly, and what you can expect as you move through customs by clicking here.


Clearing in at the port in Puerto Morelos can be a bit time consuming as you have to coordinate with Immigrations, Customs, and the Port Captain's Office.  Once you do, however, you have access to the beautiful coast line and a full-service, 350 slip marina.  Find out more about sailing to Puerto Morelos by clicking sailing & boating


Puerto Morelos is not one of the most popular cruise destinations in the Mexican Caribbean, but luxury liners do dock here on occasion. It could take a lot of work to find a ship heading here, so your best best will be to call your favorite cruise line and ask if they offer a stop here with any of their ships. If you do find one, you can make plans to shop at the craft mall which offers handmade Maya crafts, spend the day at the Crococun Zoo, or any of the other attractions.

Rental Cars

The cost of renting a car is fairly low in Puerto Morelos, starting at $20(USD) a day; but, when you add on the cost of the highly recommended personal liability insurance, however, it can begin to add up. Still, most would agree this choice is optimal above all others if you'll be doing a lot of sightseeing. Read our guide to Rental Cars in Puerto Morelos to find out about driving in the area, plus get a list of local rental agencies.


Consdering the size of Puerto Morelos, the fact that there are about 100 taxis on the streets at any given time gives you an idea of how popular the service is amongst tourists. The fact that the cabs are clean and the drivers are friendly helps, but it is likely the low price of a ride that keeps people interested in using this service again and again. Learn more by clicking here.


Buses are often used by tourists to get from the international airport in Cancun to Puerto Morelos. The price is low and the vehicles are clean, air conditioned and comfortable. Recently, a local bus service was added to town in the form of large white vans that travel on limited routes. They are inexpensive, but cannot be relied on for all of your transportation needs. You can read about Buses in Puerto Morelos in our detailed guide.

One of the best thing about Puerto Morelos is the transportation options that are available both when you're traveling to and within the area. Knowing a bit about each form of transport will help you to narrow the options down and make decisions about what is the best way for you to get around during your getaway.


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