Activities in Puerto Plata

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Especially known for its picturesque beaches, Puerto Plata is a top destination for watersports.  There are numerous operations in this vibrant tourist town that cater to those who want to spend their time here sailing, snorkeling scuba diving, and fishing, but simply relaxing in the sand is a top activity.

What many people will discover when they arrive in Puerto Plata is that shopping is also a favored activity.  Not only can you shop daily at the farmer's market for fresh edible wares, but there is a bazaar in the Central Park area, and a handicraft market up the hill.  Sightseeing in the Old City is a must as well.  There you'll encounter historic homes and access to the fort ruins and several museums.  

At night, the city is even more colorful, as numerous nightclubs and bars open up.  Live music is constantly playing, and casino gambling is a possibility as well. 


Puerto Plata Diving

Just offshore of Puerto Plata, there are plenty of underwater sites to be seen from shallow reeds which are great for beginners to deep interconnecting tunnels for more advanced divers.

There are 9 dive operators and a small number of interesting dive sites in the area. To get more information on scuba diving in this area visit this page.


Large and strong fish are in abundance in the waters surrounding Puerto Plata. Traveling fisherman exploring the area will have no problem finding a charter to take them out and test their skills.

Thinking about reeling in a big one while on vacation? There are a pair of fishing charters that operate in this area. Go to this article regarding fishing in the area if you're looking for additional facts.


Playa Dorada Golf Course

Hoping you can spend some time on the greens during your vacation? You'll be glad to learn a few exist in the area. The courses are Playa Dorada Golf Course, Los Mangos Golf Course, and Costa Azul. To get additional information concerning the course, including contact information, number of holes, location, and more simply click on the name of the course. If you want to get more details concerning golfing throughout Dominican Republic can do so here.


Shopping in Puerto Plata

If there are some folks who enjoy window shopping vacationing with you, they're not totally out of luck -- there are at least 21 retailers in this area. To get information on opportunities for shopping in and around Puerto Plata, click here.


Fortaleza San Felipe

You should plan on spending a day enjoying the sights and culture of Puerto Plata. The area features a few historic sites and various other attractions of interest to travelers. Those visitors who like being outside will often have fun visiting the area's waterfall and outdoor parks. To reach our detailed page about sightseeing attractions and opportunities, visit this page.


If you are thinking about snorkeling you're in luck -- you'll have the chance during your vacation in Puerto Plata. To read more about snorkeling opportunities, read this page.


Relaxing for a few hours in a spa just might be one of the highlights of your entire vacation. If you're ready for a spa experience, you might be happy to discover there are two located in this area. Click here to read our page about this topic.


Occidental Allegro Puerto Plata

If you like playing tennis you might want to stay at a hotel that has a tennis court. Fortunately, there are 5 properties in the area that offer tennis.

The information that follows can help clarify your options. You can view the number of courts available, whether lighting is offered, and some other details. Click on the names to learn more details concerning the property.

Accommodations with Tennis In Puerto Plata
Property Location Tennis Courts Lit Courts Tennis Pro
Occidental Allegro Puerto Plata Playa Dorada, 3.5 mi. Southeast of Central Puerto Plata 2 check
Grand Paradise Playa Dorada Playa Dorada, 3.2 mi. East-Southeast of Central Puerto Plata 2 check
Caribbean Village Playa Dorada Playa Dorada, 3.0 mi. Southeast of Central Puerto Plata 6 check
Sun Village Resort & Spa 3.5 mi. West-Northwest of Central Puerto Plata 3 check
Grand Oasis Marien All Inclusive Resort Playa Dorada, 2.0 mi. Southeast of Central Puerto Plata 2 check

For example, Occidental Allegro Puerto Plata offers all-inclusive pricing, to help simplify your vacation.

Other Activities

Information about a few other activities are shown in the chart below.

Other Activities In And Around Puerto Plata
Name Type Phone Location
Cine Galaxial Movie Theater (809) 320-1400 Puerto Plata
Fun City Action Park Amusement/Theme Park (809) 320-1031 4.7 mi. Southeast of Central Puerto Plata
Jose Briceno Stadium Sporting Event Venue -- 1.5 mi. Southeast of Downtown Puerto Plata
Ocean World Park Amusement/Theme Park -- 3.7 mi. Northwest of Central Puerto Plata

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