Landmarks in Puerto Plata

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Puerto Plata is more than just beaches. There is also a museum centered on gemstones, a collection of historic attractions including a Spanish fort, and even a lighthouse. Your days are likely to be filled to the brim hopping from one attraction to the next when you plan a visit here.


Assuming you enjoy expanding your knowledge of other cultures and places, you might enjoy visiting a museum during your vacation. To see complete information regarding each museum, you can click on the name.

An interesting landmark worth visiting is Amber Museum. It is located within downtown Puerto Plata. The Amber Museum is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Museums In Puerto Plata
Name Phone Location Island
Amber Museum (809) 586-2848 Downtown Puerto Plata the Dominican Republic

Historical Sites

Fortaleza San Felipe

If you enjoy exploring the history of a foreign place, you might enjoy visiting some of these historical attractions during your stay.

If you are looking to do some sight-seeing, visit Fortaleza San Felipe. It is located within the heart of Puerto Plata. Meant to protect Puerto Plata from pirates, Fortaleza San Felipe was constructed in 1577 and has seen at least some battles in its life time, including when the United States defeated the French and Spanish in a small battle at the site.

Another popular destination is Birgenair Flight 301 Memorial. It is found in the heart of Puerto Plata. Honoring the the 176 dead of the tragic crash of Birgenair Flight 301 on 6 February 1996, this memorial contains the names of all those who died. The official report states the likely cause was a wasp nest being constructed in a pitot tube which resulted in faulty readings to the plane's computer and eventually a stalling of one engine.

Take a moment to read the chart below to learn more about historical sites in the area.

Historic Sites In Puerto Plata
Name Phone Location
Birgenair Flight 301 Memorial -- 0.6 mi. Northwest of Downtown Puerto Plata
Carcel San Felipe -- 1.2 mi. South of Downtown Puerto Plata
Fortaleza San Felipe (809) 261-6043 0.7 mi. Northwest of Downtown Puerto Plata

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Guests may discover some other interesting sites worth visiting in and near Puerto Plata.

A landmark worth visiting is Teleferico Mountain Top. It is found in Puerto Plata. After a 15 minute cable car ride up to the top of the mountain, guests encounter a stature of Christ the Redeemer, which stands with open arms. They also have access to beautiful botanical gardens and views of the ocean and the city.

Additionally, if the nitty gritty aspects of life by the sea intrigue you, you might want to visit Faro Puerto Plata. A recognized International Historic Site, the lighthouse was actually built in New York in 1879 and shipped the Dominican Republic. Today it is a popular place to take pictures and visit, though you will be unable to actually climb up the lighthouse.

Monumento Hermanas Mirabal: In honor of the three sisters who lost their lives to the cruelty of the tyrannical military during Trujillo's regime. The three women were visiting their husbands in prison, and on their back were kidnapped, rapped, and executed by soldiers.

The following table has more information on the other kinds of sites of interest to travelers.

Miscellaneous Landmarks In and Around Puerto Plata
Name Type Location
Cristo Redentor Monument 2.7 mi. South West of Central Puerto Plata
El Chocal Facility Viewing 9.8 mi. South West of Central Puerto Plata
Faro Puerto Plata Lighthouse 0.6 mi. Northwest of Downtown Puerto Plata
Monumento Hermanas Mirabal Monument Costa Dorada, 1.9 mi. Southeast of Central Puerto Plata
Teleferico Mountain Top Cable Car 2.6 mi. South West of Central Puerto Plata
Teleferico Puerto Plata Cable Car 1.5 mi. West-Southwest of Downtown Puerto Plata

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