Puerto Plata Taxis

When you don't want to walk, call a taxi for a ride in Puerto Plata

Because so many of Puerto Plata's main tourist attractions are located within walking distance of each other, visitors often find little reason to doll out the extra cash and rent a car. This leaves taxis as a great source of transportation when you are in need of a ride, be it to a restaurant, the beach, or evena nearby city like Playa Dorada.

Taxi Companies

In Puerto Plata, you'll find several different variations on the taxi. They come in four passenger sedans that are ideal for quick trips around town, as well as minivans that seat up to six for larger parties. There are also another collection of minivans and regular vans that are used to transport passengers to other towns, like Sosua.

Local taxis operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while intercity taxis are available from Puerto Plata's Central Park between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Regardless of which type of ride you need, it is recommended that you call and either have a taxi pick you up at your specified location (in the case of a local taxi), or make a reservation to let them know you'll need a ride out of town (in the case of intercity taxis). There are two reasons for this. The first is that these taxis are not marked well enough to be able to seek them out on the streets, so hailing a cab is difficult. The second is that because of the first reason, unlicensed cab drivers can take advantage and overcharge tourists for a ride. The exception tends to be outside of hotels in the Playa Dorada area, where taxi drivers will line up their cars in a specific area to pick up passengers.

Caribe Tour Taxis Puerto Plata is the only taxi service for which we have information. You can contact them at (809) 586-4544; they're located on Calle Camino Real just outside the heart of Puerto Plata.


The cost of taking a taxi in Puerto Plata will differ depending on who you hire to do the job. Typically in town you'll spend between $5 and $15(USD) to get around, and you can get as far as Santiago De Los Caballeros for around $50(USD). The best thing to do is to ask your driver when you get in the cab how much he or she typically charges to get to your desired destination. From there, you can go about negotiating the fare. Local drivers are also known to be pretty good tour guides, and you can usually hire them by the hour to take you around and show you the sites.

Always be sure to keep local currency in small bills on hand for payment, and note that a generous tip is considered to be about 15 percent of your total bill.

The table below provides some taxi rates for the area.

Typical Fares Around Puerto Plata
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 38.50 - $ 44.50 Downtown Puerto Plata Luperon
$ 19.00 Isla Verde Fortaleza San Felipe
$ 113.00 - $ 130.25 Downtown Puerto Plata Monte Cristi
$ 45.00 - $ 52.00 Downtown Puerto Plata Santiago De Los Caballeros
$ 92.85 - $ 106.75 Downtown Puerto Plata San Francisco De Macoris
$ 169.00 - $ 194.75 Downtown Puerto Plata Samana
$ 48.75 - $ 56.10 Aeropuerto Internacional Cibao Puerto Plata
$ 10.00 San Juan Cruise Port Fortaleza San Felipe


Another popular form of transportation in Puerto Plata is the motoconcho, which is basically a motorcycle taxi. These motorcycles are privately owned by locals looking to make a few extra bucks and are generally trust worth. You can fit two passengers comfortably on the back of the bikes, though some have been known to squeeze up to four people. You'll find them waiting outside of Caribbean Village Playa Dorada regularly, and you can expect to pay about $1(USD) per person for a ride.

Whether you hire a full-sized taxi or the unique motoconcho, you'll find that drivers here are friendly people who put your safety first. Knowing this makes it easy to choose taxis are your main source of transportation in Puerto Plata.


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