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All Inclusives in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's all-inclusive resorts are few and far between

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Puerto Rico All Inclusive

While the all-inclusive resort is one of the most popular options on other islands like Jamaica, the opposite is true in Puerto Rico. Still, visitors interested in an all-inclusive stay will be able to find one on the island.

Many vacationers feel that all-inclusive resorts are a great deal. After all, you pay one set price for all of your food and entertainment, so you know exactly how much to budget for that portion of the trip before you even leave home. It's a weight off many traveler's shoulders, and helps to take away some of the pressure of pre-vacation planning. However, vacationers should keep in mind that each resort has different definitions of  "all inclusive." Check with the individual resort to see what they include in their price.

Others feel that all of the in-resort activities and meals detract from the experience of visiting a Caribbean island. With so many other tourists and planned activities, all-inclusives make some people feel that they are actually missing out on something. Getting a true taste of Puerto Rican culture would certainly be more difficult without stepping outside of the resort's confines. Likewise, the resort's menu would probably have little local flair.

Those who generally oppose all-inclusive resorts may find many of Puerto Rico's all-inclusive properties a little more to their liking.  Because these package often only include the price of the room and meals, guests are more likely to leave resort grounds to explore Puerto Rico's sites and attractions.


Caribe Playa Beach Resort

Not all all-inclusive resorts are sprawling properties upon which guests can easily get lost.  Caribe Playa Beach Resort is a botique hotel, known for it's cozy atmosphere and locale right on the beach.  Guests may choose between economy pricing, which covers only the cost of the room and a continental breakfast, or an all-inclusive package.  This package includes all meals and basic beverages, however, apetizers, desserts, and alchoholic beverages are not includes. 

Copamarina Beach Resort and Spa

The Copamarina Beach Resort and Spa in Guanica is situated on 20 acres of land in front of a half mile of beach along the Caribbean sea.  This resort offers both all-inclusive prices as well as regular room rates.  The all-inclusive package begins at $398 (USD) per person, per night, and includes three meals a day, unlimited juice, soft drinks, house wine, and international alcoholic beverages during regular bar hours, as well as all non-motorized water sports.  Unlike many all-inclusive packages, gratuities are not included in this price.  

Hotel Parador Joyuda Beach

Though Hotel Parador Joyuda Beach does not typically advertise itself as an all-inclusive hotel, they do consistently offer an all-inclusive package as a part of their rates.  For $299, guests can purchase a three day, two night stay with all meals included in the price.  With natural beauty surrounding the property, and many attractions nearby, this offer is a great deal.

Parador Guanica 1929

Originally built in 1929 and known as the American Hotel, Parado Guanica 1929 has a long standing history of providing guests with a relaxing getaway.  Over the years, the property has been remodeled to make room for technological advances, and air conditioning and television is available in each room. The all-inclusive package here is priced based upon the number of guests in the room, and the number of nights you'll stay on property.  Two people staying for three days and two nights pay between $190 and $210(USD), while four people staying the same amount of time pay between $305 and $337(USD).  This packages includes breakfast, lunch with sodas,  snacks, and dinners with sodas and a dessert.

Parador Palmas de Lucía

Located in Southeast Puerto Rico, Parador Palmas is a family-friendly inn, that also accommodates business travelers and couples with ease.  There are 34 guest rooms on property, and guests may choose to strictly pay for the room, or if they are staying for three days and two nights, the all-inclusive package is an option.  It includes and American breakfast with juice and coffee, lunch with soda, an afternoon snack, and dinner with a soda and a dessert.  The price for this package ranges from $397 to $610(USD).

Wyndham Astoria Resorts

El Conquistador and Las Casitas Village are the Wyndham Astoria Resorts in Puerto Rico that offer guests a number of vacation packages to choose from.  Many of them are based around activities like casino nights, golf, and days at the water park.  These packages typically include just breakfast for the family and tickets to the attractions.  There is, however, the "Caribbean Meal Plan," which includes breakfast and dinner each day.  Guests must stay at the resort for a minimum of three days in order to take advantage of the meal plan.

Visitors looking to stay in luxurious surroundings in Puerto Rico often find it a little easier to find such accommodations in a resort that is not all-inclusive. However, there are all kinds of lodgings in Puerto Rico, and it is up to you to make your final decision.

Below, you'll find a list of the all-inclusives in Puerto Rico. Click the names of the properties for information about each of them, including amenities, activites, food and more. It's the easiest way to browse the necessary details of all-inclusive accommodations.

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