Renting a Bike or Scooter in Puerto Rico

Bikes, scooters and motor cycles can all provide a great outdoor experience in Puerto Rico

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The open space and lovely countryside make Puerto Rico ideal for riding bikes, mopeds and motorcycles. Visitors who enjoy independence will find that exploring new areas on their own terms can be very rewarding. The tranquil sights and sounds of remote trails are the stuff of relaxing vacations while more active bikers will be exhilarated by guided tours into the rockier terrain.

Mopeds and scooters are good options for navigating the streets of larger cities. Renters who are already familiar with these vehicles have a leg up on the novice, but because drivers stay to the right and intersections are easily navigable, moped driving is easier here than in many Caribbean countries. Potential renters should be aware, however, that drivers in Puerto Rico can behave somewhat erratically; it may be a good idea to take a taxi through city streets to get a feel for the local customs before taking to the road alone.

Mopeds and motor scooters are available in Puerto Rico at many hotels and are frequently discounted for guests. Hotels and resorts with a concierge on staff should also be able to recommend nearby rental agencies. Prices will vary according to the type of moped rented, with more powerful machines costing a little more. Daily rates can range from approximately $36(USD) for a 50cc motor scooter to $115(USD) for a machine boasting 1400cc's. Weekly rates can start at $165(USD) and go to $565(USD), depending on the type of moped or scooter rented.

Bicycles are another great option for tooling around Puerto Rico, though the hustle of the crowded urban streets may prevent vacationers from using them as a primary source of transportation. Smaller islands such as Vieques, however, are excellent places to strike out for a little exploring. Street bikes and mountain bikes are widely available from local shops, often with both daily and weekly rental rates. Daily rates should start around $25(USD) per person, and even better deals can generally be arranged for visitors planning on keeping bikes for six days or longer.

Motor cycles are not as plentiful, but once you get away from the congested urban areas, Puerto Rico has plenty of picturesque roads that offer ideal conditions for motor cycling.

The Options

If you are considering exploring a new environment with the wind in your face, you will encounter multiple different places that can help.

If you're ready to make a reservation, you should consider Tony's Bike Rental. There are over 50 bicycles available at Tony's, including children's bikes, tandem bikes, tricycles, mountain bikes, and even in-line skates. If you're interested in a tour, you can hire Tony's to take you to some of Ponce's most important historical sites. They are found in Ponce.

A second option is Canaan's Bikes Rental. San Juan's answer to everything Harley Davidson, not only can you buy motorcycles and apparel at Canaan's, but you can rent bikes there as well. You can reach them at (787) 720-0897.

Still another option is Rent the Bike. Rent the Bike offers San Juan's visitors a chance to tour the busy city in a unique way. You can sign up for a tour or grab a map and go it alone, the choice is yours. located in San Juan. They're

The following chart enables you to get some details concerning the 8 rental agencies we are aware of.

Bike and Moped Rental On Puerto Rico
Name Phone Location
Canaan's Bikes Rental (787) 720-0897 2.8 mi. Southeast of Central Guaynabo
Econo Bikes (787) 521-2730 Rincón, Western part of Puerto Rico
Hot Dog Cycling (787) 791-0776 Isla Verde
Jj Sport Scooters (787) 897-7550 Lares, Western part of Puerto Rico
Moto Rental (787) 791-1887 Rincón, Western part of Puerto Rico
Paradise Rentals (787) 413-2222 Old San Juan, Eastern part of Puerto Rico
Rent the Bike (787) 602-9696 San Juan
Tony's Bike Rental (787) 298-0364 Ponce

Guided biking tours can range from $30(USD) for half-day tours to $70(USD) for full-day tours that include lunch. Bear in mind that quoted rates should include all equipment unless otherwise noted. If you have a particular region in mind, hotel concierges might be your best resource because they can often direct guests toward tours that cater specifically to mountain-lovers, beach-combers, etc.

Bikes and mopeds can be a particularly enjoyable way to experience Puerto Rico, and vacationers willing to do a little research should find them economically sound as well. Vacationers staying in the larger metropolitan areas might find that a biking day-trip through outlying countryside can be the perfect balance to busy days in the city.


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