Bosque Estatal De Boquerón

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Bosque Estatal Boqueron, also known as the Boqueron State Forest, is well known in Puerto Rico for the many birds in the area, and the beautiful beaches that line the shore.

The state forest has a little for everyone. The beaches are sure to draw in a crowd of sunbathing tourist and snorkelers hoping to spot some fish and marine life, while the mangroves are perfect for kayaks drifting through the canal road-like lanes in the water. In addition, the wetlands are a preferred breeding spot for birds, and bird watchers should have an exciting time with the animals they will see.


Bosque Estatal De Boquerón is situated on the island of Puerto Rico, 9.5 miles south of Cabo Rojo; it's 4.2 miles to the west-southwest of La Parguera.

Nearby Restaurants

And, one of the most exciting options while spending some time exploring the area could be sharing a dish at a restaurant within traveling distance of the wildlife reservation. La Casita, which sells Creole food, is also the closest restaurant to the nature preserve. M y M Cafe and Yolanda's Bar & Grill are a couple other restaurant options within reach. At Yolanda's Bar & Grill you and your companions will be able to try a bit of American food and experience the flavors of Puerto Rico.

Nearby Attractions

Visitors that enjoy wildlife reservations, and have the energy to view some others, should consider Boqueron Wildlife Refuge and Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge; the first and closest of which is 1.2 miles away from this nature preserve. There are other activities nearby, including Punta Papayo, which is five and a half miles away near La Parguera. You might want to also consider heading over to Cabo Rojo Lighthouse, which is another attraction not far away.

Nature preserves are one type of attraction you can visit, but there's even more to see during your stay. The table below lists other attractions that are closest.

Attractions Near Bosque Estatal De Boquerón
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Punta Papayo -- 5.4 mi. (2.1 km) E 1.3 mi. East of La Parguera
Cabo Rojo Lighthouse Other Attraction 5.7 mi. (15.9 km) W 9.9 mi. West of La Parguera
Balneario Publico De Boqueron -- 5.8 mi. (13.9 km) NW 8.6 mi. West of La Parguera
Centro Plaza Lajas -- 6.7 mi. (5.1 km) NNE Lajas

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Generally, these parks are open only during daylight hours.


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