El Yunque National Forest

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As the only tropical rain forest in the United States, El Yunque is a prized possession in Puerto Rico. Explore its nearly 28,000 acres of dense forests and rough mountain landscape through their hiking trails, lookout towers, or driving through its main road and simply looking around.

El Yunque National Forest contains nearly a dozen different trails that hikers can choose from when exploring the forest, all great for seeing wildlife and the beautiful Puerto Rican scenery. Additionally, guests can also partake is a few of the parks water activities.


El Yunque National Forest is located on the island of Puerto Rico, 6.7 miles southeast of Rio Grande; it's 7.1 miles to the south west of Luquillo.

El Yunque has its own major road, Route 191, which is easily accessible.

Nearby Restaurants

Of course, one of the most enjoyable options while spending some time exploring the area is enjoying a meal at a restaurant within traveling distance of El Yunque National Forest. Yuquiyu Delights is a is an easy to reach snackbar and also the closest restaurant to El Yunque National Forest. Casa Cubuy Restaurant and La Parilla Restaurant are additional restaurant choices nearby. At La Parilla Restaurant you should try out Caribbean meals and experience the culture of Puerto Rico.

Nearby Attractions

You'll find other places of interest nearby, including La Mina Falls, which is within driving distance near Luquillo. You might also want to think about heading to Juan Diego Falls, which is another nearby attraction.

If a visit to the El Yunque National Forest isn't enough to keep you busy all afternoon, the most nearby attractions are in the following table.

Attractions Near El Yunque National Forest
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
La Mina Falls GeoFeature 0.8 mi. (11.9 km) WNW 7.4 mi. South West of Luquillo
Juan Diego Falls GeoFeature 1.4 mi. (9.3 km) NNE 5.8 mi. South West of Luquillo
La Coca Falls GeoFeature 5.1 mi. (14.6 km) W 9.0 mi. South of Loiza
Parque Damaso Rivera Other Attraction 6.6 mi. (2.3 km) NNE 1.4 mi. West of Luquillo

More Information


The forest is open to the public everyday from 7:30am until 6:00pm.

Location: Puerto Rico


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