Getting More Info Concerning Puerto Rico

Visitors should brush up on their travel information before they land in Puerto Rico

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Doing a little bit of reading is the best way to start researching your trip to Puerto Rico. Resources like Web sites and travel guides offer travelers information about the island, and what visitors will need to know.

This is a great first step to getting the knowledge that you'll need. Here you'll find general travel information that the official Web sites for Puerto Rico,, as well as the Caribbean Tourist Organization can supplement. Searching the Internet may also reveal a large number of other useful resources.

Some of your research can also include the Web sites of Internet travel sellers. Here you can do a little bit of research about the different accommodation and flight options available before making your decisions. The options you'll find on such Web sites can help point you in the right direction for your vacation. If you don't know what type of hotel you're most interested in, you can easily browse through many in that location until you find one that suits you. Further, they may even be able to link you to local services on Puerto Rico for further research. Vactioners with specific needs can also begin to find out what would best suit them as well.

Bookstores offer travelers another set of options. Whether you're aware or not, most bookstores have sections dedicated to travel, with plenty of books aimed at Caribbean vacations. Guidebooks about travel to Puerto Rico abound, and, while some may repeat the same information, different books can provide travelers with different information. Some may focus on the style of travel, such as backpacking, while others are more concerned about who you travel with, a significant other searching for romance, or the kids, looking for an adventure they can participate in as well. You may be able to find a book suiting your needs, and reviewing these books in-store can be a big help.

Guidebooks aren't the only guidance you'll find at a bookstore. Head over to the magazine racks before you leave and skim through a few travel magazines - you may be surprised at what you find. While generalized travel magazines may not offer anything in a current issue, some may, and you may be able to read older articles on such magazines' Web sites. Of course, there are also Caribbean travel magazines available. Writers who have been to Puerto Rico may offer their insights on travel in these publications.

This type of experienced advice can also be found with another source: other people. If any friends or colleagues have traveled to Puerto Rico, you'll likely find them more than willing to share any information that could help you plan your trip. From great places to see and eat to snags they hit along the way, you'll have the opportunity to get hands-on experience.

Though some would be surprised to hear it, you can also find some experience-based advice on the Internet. Increasingly, large, company-run Web sites, including those for some Caribbean magazines, will have message or bulletin boards where travelers can ask questions and exchange advice and experiences. Just remember, you'll need to consider the source of all of the advice you find before making decisions based upon it.

Puerto Rico can be an exciting escape, or a laid back vacation, and doing a little research can help travelers make all the decisions they'll need. Whether your concerns are about how to arrive, where to stay, or what to do, there are plenty of resources willing to share their information with you.


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