References, resources, and readings for the history of Puerto Rico

If these articles haven't answered all your questions about Puerto Rico's history, there are plenty of other ways to learn the island's past. Books are often the best resource, and these are a few we suggest.

Whether you'd like to see the sources used here or you're looking to find some further reading, the following list has you covered:

Puerto Rico: A Political and Cultural History by Arturo Morales Carrión: An in-depth book on Puerto Rico's history. Special attention is paid to the 20th century and the effects of the U.S. possession of the island. Includes some discussion of international politics.

A Brief History of the Caribbean by Jan Rogozinsky: A comprehensive regional history of the Caribbean islands and some of Latin America. There is some individual focus on the islands in the 20th century.

From Columbus to Castro by Eric Williams: Covering the history of the region by theme, it discusses regional issues from the discovery onward through modern times. Cultural contexts are particularly important to this history.

Economic History of Puerto Rico by James L. Dietz: An economic review of the island of Puerto Rico with comments based upon the island's historical background. It begins with Columbus' discovery of the island.

Puerto Rico: An Interpretive History from Precolumbian Times to 1900 by Olga Jimenez De Wagenheim: This interpretive history offers one writer's insight into the oppressed of Puerto Rico. Deals with the lives of the Taíno and the Africans imported as slaves.

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