Nightlife in Puerto Rico

Spend your nights in Puerto Rico dancing to reggaeton and Latin beats

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Nightlife in Puerto Rico

The people of Puerto Rico are a festive bunch who celebrate life, and love music and dance.  With that in mind, it is not surprising to find out that the club scene on the island is huge.  Whether you're just looking to unwind with a drink, dance the night away, or meet some locals, Puerto Rico's nightlife has a place for you.

If you are planning a night on the town, remember to bring along a set of dress clothes. Puerto Ricans like to dress up when they go out, and many bars and clubs have a strict dress code in place. Don't be left out of the fun because you only brought along cargo shorts – remember, it is better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.

Although it is easy to find a bar or club in virtually every city in Puerto Rico, Old San Juan tends to have the highest concentration of clubs. It is also important to note that there are a good number of clubs frequented almost exclusively by residents, and many tourists have complained that they noticed locals receiving special treatment at the bar. If you are uncomfortable going where it might appear that you are unwanted (even if this is not truly the case), your best bet would be to stay in the major tourist areas like San Juan, Condado, and Isla Verde. If you are unsure if the club you're hoping to visit is accepting of tourists, ask the concierge at your hotel.

Old San Juan

Club Lazer

Club Lazer is the largest club in Old San Juan. Latin, hip-hop, and reggaeton are played on three floors. One of the floors is checkered black and white, giving it a retro feel, but cage dancers attract a younger crowd.


Candela is a night club with a lounge atmosphere that is known for it's signature drink: the Papa Jac. The club plays experimental grooves, jazz, and house music.

Nuyororican Cafe

Nuyorican Cafe is an artsy boho club, where live music (usually salsa and jazz) by local bands, poetry readings, and open mic nights are common.


Brava is the club to check out if you want to be seen. It is an upscale establishment with a very strict dress code, and VIP area. DJs spin different genres of music in each room of the two story building.


Shots is a bar and grill with a dance floor usually frequented by locals. Salsa and Spanish hits are the genres of choice here.

Krash Club

Krash Club is San Juan's largest gay club. House, reggaeton, and urban dance music blare from the speakers here, and the club is known for hosting parades and gay pride events.

Other Cities

Shannan's Pub

Shannan's Pub is a locals haunt in Guaynabo. The Pub is a restaurant that serves what they refer to as eclectic bar food, and cheap Long Island Iced Teas. Pool tables, dance floors, and live rock music make this spot a unique one.

Bar Plaza

...oldest bar on the island...


Just ten miles off the coast of the main island of Puerto Rico, is the smaller island of Vieques. Bar Plaza is a popular, off-beat club that is said to be the oldest bar on the island. Once a turn-of-the-century pharmacy, advertisements from before the conversion into a club paper the walls.

Al's Mar Azul

Also on Vieques, near the dock, is Al's Mar Azul. This is where you want to go for a more relaxed evening out. Dress is casual, mixed rum drinks flow freely, and pool and darts are the main form of entertainment.

Just because the sun is setting, doesn't mean your day is over. Get dressed up, grab a cab, and head out to one of the island's many bars, pubs, and clubs. Like its people, Puerto Rico's nightlife is a mixture of high-end and laid back, but always energetic and smooth.

Entertainment and Nightlife
Name Type Phone Location
300 Lounge Lounge (787) 890-5252 6.1 mi. Northeast of Aguadilla
Akua Lounge Lounge (787) 601-3425 Ponce
Avalon Bar (787) 716-4900 Las Piedras
B & B Sport Bar Bar (787) 977-2222 Ponce
Babylon Sports Pub Bar (787) 882-6333 Downtown Aguadilla
Bar Code Lounge Lounge (787) 546-0549 Aguada
Bar El Almendro Bar (787) 796-2021 Dorado
Bar El Arbolito Bar (787) 795-5340 Miramar
Bar El Barco Bar (787) 839-6968 Mayagüez
Bar El Diamante Azul Bar (787) 733-2831 Las Piedras
Bar La Lomita Bar (787) 280-7089 Potala Pastillo
Bar La Victoria Bar (787) 737-6064 Gurabo
Bar Los Panchos Bar (787) 768-8985 Carolina
Barra Chamon Bar (787) 892-6090 San German
Barrita La Oficina Bar (787) 737-5155 Gurabo
Barrita Manolo Bar (787) 847-4342 The vicinity of Puerto Rico
Birra Bar (787) 258-0641 Caguas
Black Ice The Club Bar (787) 421-2635 Little London
Bleu Bar And Tapas Bar (787) 831-1446 Mayagüez
Brisas Del Mar Bar (787) 839-5442 Patillas
Buffalo Billys Bar (787) 882-3201 Downtown Aguadilla
Caldo De Oso Bar & Grill Bar (787) 280-1618 Potala Pastillo
Calypso Bar Bar (787) 796-6125 Dorado
Cano's Pub Bar (787) 779-4488 Bayamon
Caribbean Cinemas - Aguadilla Movie Theater (787) 891-4405 Aguadilla
Caribbean Cinemas - Fine Arts Miramar Movie Theater (787) 721-4288 Miramar
Caribbean Cinemas - Plaza del Caribe Movie Theater (787) 841-6666 1.4 mi. South of Ponce
Caribbean Cinemas - Plaza del Sol Movie Theater (787) 288-4999 5.1 mi. South West of Old San Juan
Caribbean Cinemas - Plaza Escorial Movie Theater (787) 757-6181 Little London
Caribbean Cinemas - Ponce Towne Center Movie Theater (787) 843-2601 1.6 mi. West-Southwest of Ponce
Carlos Fred Wine And Tapas Bar (787) 868-5788 Aguada
Celine's Cocktail Lounge Lounge (787) 722-5155 Hato Rey
Chapu's Sport Bar Bar (787) 704-2349 Caguas
Chekea Pub Bar (787) 870-6125 Bayamon
Chuito's Place Bar (787) 828-4254 Jayuya
Club Babylon Bar (787) 791-5752 The vicinity of Puerto Rico
Club Brava Bar (787) 791-2781 Isla Verde
Cocobongo Bar & Grill Bar (787) 803-4444 Coamo
Coliseo de Puerto Rico Concert Halls and Performing Arts Centers (787) 294-0001 Hato Rey
Colmado Bar Aqua Me Quedo Bar (787) 859-4177 Corozal
Colmado Bar Freddy Bar (787) 733-5610 Las Piedras
Cosecha Bar & Grill Bar (787) 260-4445 Juana Diaz
Costa Azul Wine And Lounge Lounge (787) 200-4423 Isla Verde
Cristal Night Club Night Club (787) 832-3239 Mayagüez
Di Zucchero Lounge Lounge (787) 946-0835 Condado District
Douglas Pubs Bar (787) 721-5510 Ocean Park
El Alhambique Bar (787) 875-0888 Comerio
El Almendro Bar (787) 780-2884 Bayamon
El Capitan Bar (787) 712-5265 Gurabo
El Caraj Sport Bar Bar (787) 880-1315 Arecibo
El Coqui Night Club Night Club (787) 877-1438 Moca
El Corozo Sport Bar Bar (787) 270-1770 Vega Alta
El Escondite Bar Bar (787) 262-3820 Canovanas
El Ocho De Blanco Bar (787) 274-2681 Rio Piedras
El Rancho Bar (787) 889-4461 Luquillo
El Siete De La Suerte Bar (787) 722-4506 Miramar
Felipe Bar Bar (787) 278-3672 Dorado
Frenchy's Club Bar (787) 722-3650 Condado District
Hato Rey Cinemas Movie Theater (787) 767-0374 Hato Rey
JD's Pub Bar (787) 890-2433 Downtown Aguadilla
Joe's Sport Bar & Grill Bar (787) 796-1692 Dorado
John Doe's Bar (787) 731-2555 Guaynabo
Kahuna Bar Bar -- 2.6 mi. North of Rincón
KARMA Lounge Lounge (787) 805-2400 Mayagüez
La Bohemia Pub Bar (787) 270-1259 Vega Alta
La Casita Bar (787) 831-5587 Mayagüez
La Casita Sport Bar Bar (787) 802-4374 Corozal
La Cojoba India Bar (787) 871-4329 Ciales
La Fiebre Sport Bar Bar (787) 886-4411 Cabo Rojo
La Hacienda Bar & Restaurant Bar (787) 885-5050 Ceiba
La Regata Sport Bar Bar (787) 278-6137 Dorado
La Respuesta Concert Halls and Performing Arts Centers (787) 268-5287 Condado District
La Rumba Tropical Bar (787) 851-5067 Cabo Rojo
La Sombra de Ito Bar (787) 245-4296 Aguada
La Taverna Bar (787) 826-0960 Anasco
Las Cascadas De Isolina Bar (787) 894-0909 Utuado
Limo Viejo Bar & Sample Bar (787) 859-4499 Corozal
Lips Gentlemen Club Bar (787) 250-0571 Hato Rey
Logan's Irish Pub & Restaurant Bar (787) 274-0781 Rio Piedras
Los Unidos Poolroom Bar (787) 826-7157 Anasco
Luquis Bar Bar (787) 734-3353 Juncos
Marullo Bar & Tapas Bar (787) 946-0233 Condado District
Mi Pequeño San Juan Sports Bar Bar (787) 897-4971 Lares
Mi Viejo Almacen Cafe Bar (787) 895-0455 Quebradillas
Millenios Pub Bar (787) 704-8070 Caguas
Monono's Cafe Bar Bar (787) 764-8184 Rio Piedras
Nuevos Suso's Cafeteria Bar Bar (787) 274-1935 Hato Rey
Ola Lola's Garden Bar Bar (787) 872-1230 6.6 mi. Northeast of Aguadilla
Ole Ole Bar (787) 724-7298 Condado District
Pa'ki Sports Lounge Lounge (787) 963-1310 Guaynabo
Palo Alto Bar Bar (787) 736-7086 San Lorenzo
Paquito's Place Bar Bar (787) 854-9085 Manati
Pasion Lounge Lounge (787) 653-1111 2.8 mi. South-Southwest of Caguas
Piel Canela Cafe Inc Bar (787) 803-0139 Coamo
Portacall Bar (787) 725-8046 Ocean Park
Prime Tme Bar (787) 807-1397 Vega Baja
Q Lounge Lounge (787) 422-6240 Condado District
Rancho Alegre Bar (787) 822-3456 Pinones
Rancho Grande Bar (787) 826-1880 Anasco
Rancho La Brisa Bar (787) 897-1212 Lares
Red Varon Bar (787) 265-1133 Mayagüez
Reef Bar & Grill Bar (787) 791-1374 Isla Verde
Riverside Bar Bar (787) 860-2665 Fajardo
Rum Runners Bar (787) 529-5426 Ocean Park
Rumba's Bar (787) 813-7746 Ponce
Salon Billar El Cuco Bar (787) 798-7509 Bayamon
Sloe Johns Bar (787) 255-3531 Cabo Rojo
South City Dance Club Bar (787) 645-2897 Ponce
Spy Bar Bar (787) 724-2705 Ocean Park
Summer's Bar (787) 282-6247 Hato Rey
Sunset Bar & Grill Bar (787) 854-9200 Manati
Sunset Sunrise Bar A Grill Bar (787) 255-1478 Boqueron
Sweetness Corp Bar (787) 725-3610 Condado District
Taiguey Beach Bar Bar (787) 532-3865 Condado District
Tamboo Bar Bar -- 2.6 mi. North of Rincón
Tapia Theater Movie Theater -- Old San Juan
Teatro La Perla Dinner Show and Theater (787) 843-4080 Downtown Ponce
Tenderete Sport Bar Bar (787) 854-6642 Manati
The Beach Pub Bar (787) 255-1515 Corozal
The Lobby Bar Bar (787) 724-2503 Condado District
The Office Traditional Irish Pub Bar (787) 692-8311 5.2 mi. South-Southeast of Isla Verde
The Rooster Restaurant And Sports Bar Bar (787) 733-2010 Las Piedras
The Siloutte Inc Bar (787) 250-0571 Hato Rey
Tijuana Sport Bar Bar (787) 893-6272 Yabucoa
Tony Places Bar (787) 829-4316 Adjuntas
Tony's Bar Bar (787) 884-5042 Manati
Tony's Sport Bar Bar (787) 820-0655 Camuy
Tropical Club Bar (787) 831-1681 Mayagüez
Vibra Lounge Lounge (787) 608-0488 Ocean Park
Video Bar Bar (787) 725-6270 Condado District
Weisner Cinema Movie Theater (787) 721-1273 Ocean Park
Willys Bar Bar (787) 744-8341 Caguas
Yaguez Theater Dinner Show and Theater (787) 833-1650 Downtown Mayaguez
Yavo Bar & Grill Bar (787) 875-7458 Comerio
Yugo No. 4 Bar (787) 280-1594 Bayamon
Zokku's Lounge Lounge (787) 728-7781 Isla Verde

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