Other Activities for Visitors in Puerto Rico

Everyone can find something to love in Puerto Rico

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An action-packed trip to Puerto Rico is in the cards for any vacationer who dares try and fit everything the island offers into their trip.  When you aren't sunning and swimming, there are museums, theme parks, and camp sites to explore – and that's just the beginning.


Watersports have a very strong following in Puerto Rico, which is typical of an island in the Caribbean.  Windsurfing, kite surfing kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, diving and snorkeling are all options in Puerto Rico.  There are great spots for all of these sports on nearly every coast of Puerto Rico, but some stand out locations include Punta Las Marias near San Juan, La Paguera to the south, Culebra in the east, and Jobos and Shacks in the northwest.  Most hotels and resorts offer watersports equipments for their guests free of charge.  If this is not an option for you, be on the look out for shops along the beaches that rent out equipment, such as Veluano in Punta Las Marias.

Surfing is especially popular along the northwest coast of Puerto Rico, which is commonly referred to as the "Hawaii of the East," and the host of many international surf competitions.  Local surfers typically hit the waves between the months of August and April, with October through February providing the best swells.  The best surf spots in Puerto Rico can be found at any beach located along the coast between the cities of Isabela and Rincon.  You can rent a surf board for about $25(USD) per day, and even get lessons for around $50(USD) an hour.

Puerto Rico Surf Shops
Boarding House Surf School Rincon
Phone: 787-823-4191
E-mail: info@boardinghousepr.com
Desecheo Surf & Dive Shop Rincon
Phone: 787-823-0390
E-mail: info@desecheosurfshop.com
Puerto Rico Surf Academy Isla Verde
Phone: 787-222-4575
Puntas Surf School Rincon
Phone: 939-697-8040
Cell Phone: 787-366-1689
E-mail: keikeimel@yahoo.com
Rincon Surf School Rincon
Phone: 787-823-0610
E-mail: info@rinconsurfschool.com
Surfing Lessons Puerto Rico & Adventure Company Rincon
Phone: 787-617-4731
Walking on Water Surfing School Isla Verde
Phone: 787-955-6059
E-mail: sueaquan@yahoo.com

Horseback Riding

Many families like to spend their weekends horseback riding in Puerto Rico, and as a visitor, you can, too.  There are stables and riding facilities located throughout the country that afford vacationers the opportunity to schedule a day with their equine friends.  Each stable has their own set trails that they like to take guests out to ride on, and the terrain varies from forests to hills, and even on beaches.  Luquillo and Isabela's beaches are particularly known for being the best locations for horseback riding.  An hour long trip through a mountain town will typically cost between $30 and $60(USD) per person.

Puerto Rico Stables
NameTour InfoCostLocationContact
Hacienda 2 Hermanos River rides
1 Hour Trip
Adult: $35(USD)
Child: $20(USD)
2 Hour Trip
Adult: $55(USD)
Child: $35(USD)
Corozol Phone: 787-627-5214
Hacienda Buena Vista One to two hour trail and beach tours.
1 Hour Trip: $45(USD)
2 Hour Trip: $75(USD)
Humacao N/A
Hacienda Carabali One to two hour tours provided through the Foothills of El Yunque.
1 Hour Tour
Adult: $30(USD)
Child: $20(USD)
2 Hour Tour
Adult: $60(USD)
Child: $40(USD)
El Yunque
Phone: 787-889-5820
Horeseback Riding PR One to three hour beach and valley tours. Contact for pricing Manati
Phone: 787-202-5292
E-mail: horsebackriding.pr@gmail.com
Palmas del Mar Equestrian Center One hour trail rides. $40(USD) Palmas del Mar
Phone: 787-852-6000
Penny Miller Horseriding Two hour trail tours. $65(USD) Vieques
Phone: 787-741-4661
Tropical Trail Rides Two daily rides (one in the morning, one in the afternoon) are available seven days a week.  Setting include beaches and forest trails.
Contact for pricing


Phone: 787-872-9256
E-mail: info@tropicaltrailrides.com


Camping is a popular activity in Puerto Rico, especially with the abundance of national parks and forest reserves.  Campers have a multitude of locations to choose from, with options ranging from setting up a tent in the middle of a national forest, to renting a fully equipped cabin in the middle of nowhere.  The state forests and wildlife refugees often offer camping permits, but restrictions vary at each location.  Some will allow you to bring a camper on site, while others will only permit a tent and a small fire.  Amenities also vary by location with everything from barbecue pits and on-site bathrooms and showers, to nothing at all.  Camping in Puerto Rico will typically cost between $5 and $25(USD) (and beyond, if you are renting a cabin), but you can camp for free in the El Yunque National Forest, which is maintained by the U.S. Forest Service. Many travelers dream of setting up camp on the beach, and laying claim to a patch of sand, however, camping on the beach is illegal in Puerto Rico except in designated areas.  You can read more about camping in Puerto Rico in our guide to Camping and Eco-Tourism, which features a break down of the island's campgrounds.


Often hiking goes hand-in-hand with camping, but this is not always the case.  You can spend a day hiking various topography, learning about the flora and fauna of Puerto Rico, either with a guide or without.  The protected lands of Puerto Rico will make for the most interesting hikes, because you may catch a glimpse of an extinct animal or plant, but there are a number of forest reserves that would make for great day hikes as well.  El Yunque is a tourist favorite.  Pick your hiking destination by reading our guide to Puerto Rico's Nature.

Adventurous Activities

If you want your days in Puerto Rico to be filled with excitement and adventure, there are a number of options available to you.  Ziplining, ATV tours, and mountain biking are just a few options.

Imagine soaring over the tops of the trees and getting a birds-eye view of Puerto Ricos interior.  This is not just a fantasy, it is a very real possibility when you sign up for a zipline or canopy tour.  Zipliners are strapped into a harness and zip along a reinforced cable that can be upwards of 30 feet in the air.   There are plenty of opportunities to try out a zipline in Puerto Rico, where you can sail through the trees of the El Yunque National Forest and various adventure parks set up specifically to offer zipliners varied sites and heights. 

Places to Zipline in Puerto Rico
 Batey Zipline Adventure
La Plata Zipline Experience Tao Alta 787-410-8706
Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park Orocovis 787-867-7020
Yunke Zipline Adventures Luquillo 787-242-3368

Many of the same companies that offer ziplines also promote rock climbing.  Guided tours are available, in which groups hike into the forest and up a mountain, then allow you to rappel down the side of the cliff.  You can also head into the most remote parts of Puerto Rico, choosing the more strenuous climb up the sandstone and limestone formations before rappelling, or hiking back down.  Much of the mountain climbing in Puerto Rico is done at the Julio Enrique Monagas National Park just outside of San Juan, where there are 131 different climbing routes.  Other options include the El Yunque Rainforest, Caliche, and Rosario.

Rock Climbing Tours in Puerto Rico
Aventuras Tierra Adentro $150(USD) San Juan
Phone: 787-766-0470
Rocaliza $95 to $135(USD) San Juan
Phone: 787-268-0101
E-mail: rocaliza@gmail.com
San Cristobal Hiking Tour $65 to $85(USD) San Juan
Phone: 787-857-2094

ATV stands for All-Terrain Vehicle, and with so many different types of terrain in Puerto Rico, going on an ATV tour is a fun and exciting way to see the sites.  With an ATV, you are in control, the driver of your vehicle, and you can go as fast or slow as you like, as well as take as big of a risk as you like. 

ATV Tours in Puerto Rico
 Frontier Adventures, Inc.
San Juan
Hacienda Carabali El Yunque Phone: 787-889-5820
Off Road Xperience Bayaman N/A

Mountain biking is another option in Puerto Rico.  There are numerous bike trails, and even bicycle tours that you can join in your efforts to explore the island on two wheels.  Some vacationers choose bicycling as their own means of transportation to getting around Puerto Rico.  If biking is an interest of yours, visit our guide to Puerto Rico Bikes and Mopeds

Why take a trip to Puerto Rico if you aren't going to make the most of it? That is the motto many vacationers adopt when they plan their trip to the island.  If you're that type of traveler, you are sure to find your days will fill quickly, and your memories will last indefinitely.


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