Playa Punta Santiago

Playa Punta Santiago is located in Humacao on the main island of Puerto Rico. It is a government run beach that in its hay day was a beauty. These days, however, the beach is known to be in disrepair. The gates leading up to the beach are often closed and the sand is covered in debris. Although it is possible to sneak in through holes in the fence, it is not recommended because the surf can be too strong to brave without the security of a lifeguard on duty.

Situated in Santiago Verde Mar, Playa Punta Santiago is on the East edge of Puerto Rico. You should consider stopping by even if you aren't staying very close. Vacationers who want their beach to have a little bit of everything——a hint of seclusion, with a somewhat social scene—— may really like the middle ground found at Playa Punta Santiago. It's just slightly removed from the center of it all, but it's not totally devoid of people either.

How to Access The Beach

Calle Dr. Vidal runs parallel to this beach, allowing you to exit onto a dirt road to reach the shore.

Amenities and Ambiance

This beach is unique in that it features both white and black sands; the white comes from washed up coral, and the black is volcanic matter. Meanwhile, the waters that wash ashore are aquamarine, making the color wheel of Playa Punta Santiago something to behold.

There is also a restaurant right on the water, so if you don't want to leave Playa Punta Santiago at all, it's worth a try. Puerto Rico offers plenty of great places to eat, but not all your meals have to be in a sit-down restaurant. Many vacationers would rather eat lunch by the shoreline than in a different restaurant. Sometimes, hotels offer to pack up on-the-go lunches for their guests. Or, you could find just what you need from cafes and street vendors en route to the beach.

Unfortunately, public restrooms aren't available, which is something to consider if you're bringing the kids, or plan to spend all day outside.

Playa Punta Santiago brings guests an idyllic and peaceful experience, in part because the region surrounding the beach is not heavily urbanized.

What's Nearby


You'll find this beach on the East coast of Puerto Rico. It is near Estadio Adolfo Hanni Carillo, which is situated three and a half miles away, and it is one of a few local attractions.

Historical attractions like Fuerte San Geronimo provide a wonderful compliment to the scenery of Playa Punta Santiago, plus they allow vacationers to learn more about Puerto Rico, without venturing too far from the coast. In fact, you'll find this spot 30 miles from this site of historical interest.

There are options for close-by activities so you won't run out of ways to stay busy. Attractions close to this beach can be found in the following table.

Activities and Attractions Near Playa Punta Santiago
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Estadio Adolfo Hanni Carillo Sporting Event Venue 3.6 NNE Puerto Rico
Flamboyan at Palmas del Mar Golf Club Golf Course 5.2 SW Puerto Rico
Palm at Palmas del Mar Golf Club Golf Course 5.7 SW Puerto Rico
Wyndham Garden Casino Casino 5.7 SW Puerto Rico
Yokahu Lookout Tower Observation Tower 9.5 N Puerto Rico

Cities and Towns

Playa Punta Santiago is close to Humacao, so touring the city could be a fun side-trip after visiting the beach. Guests visiting Playa Punta Santiago who are hoping to find other interesting places to see should think about heading to Humacao, since it's in the vicinity and is a particularly busy area of Puerto Rico. From Playa Punta Santiago, Humacao is found maybe five miles (eight kilometers) away.


How many other people you encounter at Playa Punta Santiago will depend on if you visit during a popular season, which is often indicated by how busy the hotels are. There aren't many large hotels nearby, but you may meet guests staying at smaller lodgings in the area.

Though beach-goers generally won't find very many hotels in the immediate vicinity, those accommodation options closest to Playa Punta Santiago are shown in the table below.

Accommodations near Playa Punta Santiago
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Casa Flamboyant 4.1 N Guest house
Wyndham Garden at Palmas del Mar 5.7 SW Hotel
Casa Cubuy Ecolodge 7.6 NNW B & B


One of the tastiest ways to compliment a balmy beach afternoon is to eat at a local restaurant, where you can get a taste of the local fare, without having to stray too far. One of the closest places to eat is Paradise Seafood. The restaurant offers a menu of Creole food. They're also renowned for their seafood.

The following table provides a list of nearby dining options.

Restaurants near Playa Punta Santiago
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Paradise Seafood (787) 852-1180 Creole Very Casual 0.3 mi. W
El Limón (787) 285-0028 Mexican Very Casual 0.4 mi. WSW
Daniel's Seafood Restaurant (787) 852-1784 Caribbean Very Casual -- --
Paseo Playero Restaurant (787) 850-8048 Creole Informal 1.4 mi. WSW
Bistro Delicias (787) 238-0198 -- -- 3.6 mi. NNE
Cafeteraa La Estudiantil (787) 874-2735 -- -- 3.6 mi. NNE
China Express Restaurant (787) 874-3560 Chinese -- 3.6 mi. NNE
Danny's Pizza (787) 874-1755 Italian -- 3.6 mi. NNE
Delan Bar & Restaurant (787) 874-8497 -- -- 3.6 mi. NNE
El Makito Restaurant (787) 874-7192 Caribbean Informal 3.6 mi. NNE
El Mejicano (787) 735-1815 -- -- 3.6 mi. NNE
Ice Cream Plaza (787) 874-1110 -- -- 3.6 mi. NNE

Other Beaches

Puerto Rico has many nice beaches, so Playa Punta Santiago is not your only option.

Another location you may want to try is Puerto Yabucoa, which is located eight miles away.

Perhaps Playa Punta Santiago is the most convenient coastline for you to visit, but some travelers itch to explore more; in which case you should find a beach with a seclusion factor that suits you.


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