Punta Pitahaya Nature Area

Part of the greater Boqueron State Forest (known locally as Bosque Estatal de Boqueron), the Punta Pitahaya is one of the prime spots in the state forest and the island to catch a close look at the wildlife and nature of Puerto Rico. With the quality of the nature experience and the relative ease of access, the Punta Pitahaya is a prime location for eco-tourist and nature lovers.

Visitors to the area will be met with a variety of different activities that they can partake in and enjoy. Some of the initial sights will be of the pebble-stone beach, full of little cliffs, mangroves, and other areas that offer an authentically natural opportuity for people to explore. The area is also known to be a great location for people looking to spot manatees and partake in some bird-watching.


Punta Pitahaya Nature Area, within Bosque Estatal De Boquerón, is located on the western part of the island of Puerto Rico, 9.6 miles south of Cabo Rojo; it's five and a half miles (nine kilometers) to the west-southwest of La Parguera.

When in the area of Coba, just take the Route 302 south towards the coast. Towards the end, you will find youself inside the nature park.

Nearby Restaurants

And, one of the most enjoyable possibilities while spending some time exploring the area could be chowing down on a meal at a restaurant within traveling distance of the nature preserve. Agua al Cuello, which offers Creole meals, is also the closest restaurant to the nature preserve. It's just around four and a half miles from Punta Pitahaya Nature Area, so check it out and dig in! Also close-by, you'll have eateries such as La Casita and M y M Cafe where you and your companions should make it a point not to end your meal without taking a bite of their specialty coffee.

Nearby Attractions

Visitors that enjoy wildlife reservations, and are interested in visiting others, might check out Bosque Estatal De Boquerón and Boqueron Wildlife Refuge; the first of which is one and a quarter miles to the east of this wildlife reservation. You'll find some other activities nearby, including Cabo Rojo Lighthouse, which is four and a half miles away near La Parguera. You might want to also consider visiting Balneario Publico De Boqueron, which is another attraction not far away.

If you're looking for other nearby attractions or activity options, the most nearby attractions are in the following table.

Attractions Near Punta Pitahaya Nature Area
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Cabo Rojo Lighthouse Other Attraction 4.4 mi. (15.9 km) W 9.9 mi. West of La Parguera
Balneario Publico De Boqueron -- 5.2 mi. (13.9 km) NW 8.6 mi. West of La Parguera
Punta Moja Casabe -- 6.3 mi. (17.7 km) WNW El Combate
Punta Papayo -- 6.7 mi. (2.1 km) E 1.3 mi. East of La Parguera

More Information

Location: Southern End of Route 302, Puerto Rico


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