Cuban Cuisine in Puerto Rico

While exploring Puerto Rico, you'll encounter a wide selection of places to eat. Guests who already have plans to eat Cuban food will want to visit those restaurants serving this favorite. You and your hungry sidekicks will find plenty of restaurants of this theme.

From the informal destination known as Metropol Dorado to the scrumptious dinner and lunch at Metropol Guaynabo, you are sure to find something with just the right elements.

The list below allows you to peek at the rather large selection of Cuban restaurants available. Find the one that makes your mouth water and click its name to find out more about its location, ambiance, and more.

Metropol Fajardo

The vicinity of Fajardo | (787) 801-2877

Metropol Fajardo is located in the vicinity of Fajardo, in Puerto Rico; 1.7 miles to the west-northwest of Fajardo. Considered by most to be a casual place to have a meal, it's nice when you're not in the mood to get dolled up.

The unique mix of traditional Cuban recipes and local Puerto Rican cuisine creates a delicious culinary mix that is sure to please any lover of Caribbean tastes. Enjoy some of the pork and ribs dishes, or simply take in one of their mixed drinks.

Metropol Dorado

Dorado | (787) 278-5500

Located near the heart of Dorado, Metropol Dorado is on Mendez Vigo Street. As part of their panel of Cuban-inspired cuisine, this local spot is known for its chicken and seafood.

The menu at Metropol consists of classic Cuban food that has been adopted by the people of Puerto Rico. The result is a fresh new taste that is familiar to both Cubans and Puerto Ricans, yet unique. Guests can choose from a wide selection of soups, salads, meats, chicken, seafood, desserts, cocktails and wines. Some of their most famous plates are the Stuffed Cornish Hen and the "Fiesta Cubana" which is a combination of typical Cuban dishes: Congri, Tamale, Pork, Casava, Pot Roast, and Shredded Beef.

Metropol Hato Rey

Hato Rey | (787) 751-4022

Located 1.4 miles southeast of San Juan, Metropol Hato Rey is a good option for guests who are going to spend time visiting this neighborhood. If you're wondering, Condado District is two and a half miles (four kilometers) to the north-northwest. Fresh seafood and Cuban fare make for a bold combo at this crazy tasty place.

With mixed drinks, including the popular Cuban mojito, and traditional Cuban dishes with a local twist, Metropol offers a meal that everyone is sure to enjoy. You can expect high quality dishes with vibrant colors and ever more vibrant tastes.

Metropol Guaynabo

Guaynabo | (787) 272-7000

Metropol Guaynabo is a good option that's worth considering if you're going to be spending time seeing this part of the city and the surrounding area. If you're wondering, Old San Juan is seven miles (11 and a half kilometers) to the north. Beautiful seafood and Cuban cuisine go well together at this crazy tasty eatery.

This Metropol location features contemporary decor with sleek lines and a unique ceiling fixture. The walls are warm and inviting in deep oranges.

Metropol Barceloneta

Barceloneta | (787) 970-1000

Metropol Barceloneta

Metropol Barceloneta can be found 1.2 miles south of Barceloneta; it is 13 miles (21 kilometers) to the east of Arecibo. Seafood and Cuban panache play nicely together at this favorite restaurant.

While the specialty here is Cuban food like pork and rice, many of the dishes have been adapted to the local culinary styles of Puerto Rico, and are thus slightly different than traditional Cuban food. Some of their most popular items include the Gallinita Rellena de Congri (cornish gen stuffed with congri rice), Ropa Vieja (shredded beef), Fiesta Cubana (combination of diced fried pork, cogri, cassava, pot roast, cured shredded beef, and a tamale), Palomilla Rellena (palomilla beefsteak stuffed with mozarella cheese, chorizo, and ham with mushroom sauce on top), and Puerto Rican style Stuffed Mashed Plantains.

Cuban Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Caramelo Restaurant Guaynabo Creole, Cuban, Japanese (787) 296-4976
El Capitan 9.1 mi. Northwest of Central Bayamon Creole, Cuban (787) 278-0011
El Fogan Del Rey Guaynabo Cuban, International (787) 708-2349
Manolos Pan & Deli Caguas Cuban (787) 745-8801
Metropol Barceloneta 1.2 mi. South of Central Barceloneta Caribbean, Cuban (787) 970-1000
Metropol Dorado 0.4 mi. West-Southwest of Central Dorado Creole, Cuban (787) 278-5500
Metropol Fajardo 1.7 mi. West-Northwest of Central Fajardo Caribbean, Cuban (787) 801-2877
Metropol Guaynabo 0.7 mi. West of Central Guaynabo Caribbean, Cuban (787) 272-7000
Metropol Hato Rey 1.4 mi. Southeast of Central San Juan Caribbean, Cuban (787) 751-4022
Metropol Isla Verde 3.7 mi. East of Central San Juan Caribbean, Cuban (787) 791-5585

Similar Food

Las Vistas

When seeking variety that doesn't stray too far, you might like distinctly different, but still related restaurants below:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Parrillas Restaurant & Bar (787) 474-9440 Creole 1.4 mi. East-Southeast of Central Humacao
Don Esteban (787) 860-3067 Creole 0.7 mi. Northwest of Central Fajardo
Bodegas Compostela (787) 724-6088 Spanish 2.0 mi. North-Northeast of Central San Juan
La Gran Parada (787) 529-3272 Creole 0.3 mi. Southeast of Central Esperanza
Paladar Creative Cuisine And Bar (787) 963-0878 Caribbean 2.0 mi. North-Northeast of Central San Juan
Sancho Panza Mayaguez (787) 833-0215 Creole Mayagüez, Western part of Puerto Rico
Mr. Sandwich Fried Chicken (787) 857-4034 Caribbean Barranquitas, Central Puerto Rico
Bollyhoo Bar and Grill (787) 863-1000 Caribbean 2.1 mi. Northeast of Central Fajardo
Restaurante La Llave del Mar (787) 895-5843 Creole 1.0 mi. North of Central Quebradillas
Stingray Cafe (787) 863-1000 Caribbean 2.1 mi. Northeast of Central Fajardo

Sometimes, the most satisfying culinary offerings in Puerto Rico are the ones that you happen upon while journeying to and from your hotel. Then again, that doesn't mean you can't make a list of specific places to try. To read more concerning the kinds of food available to you, check out this page.


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