Weather in Puerto Rico in February

February in Puerto Rico features slightly cooler temperatures than many of the winter months and even lower amounts of rainfall than January. Visitors should be aware that there are regional variations on the island, and the mountains will be considerably cooler than the low lying coastal areas.

Typical Weather in February

During February the temperatures in Puerto Rico typically vary between a daily high of about 84.0 degrees and a daily low of approximately 70.0 degrees


Puerto Rico in February: Key Facts
Monthly Averages
High Low Rainfall
No. of Days
with Rain
84.0° F 70.0° F 2.2 N.A.

On any given day during February in Puerto Rico, you can expect early morning temperatures to be around 73.4 degrees. Temperatures in Puerto Rico typically rise during the day, to an average of 82.0 degrees in the early afternoon. The temperature in Puerto Rico will typically decline by early evening, to approximately 76.0 degrees. Temperatures in Puerto Rico average around 76.4 degrees during February.


February Temperatures in Puerto Rico by Time of Day
Early Morning Late Morning Early Afternoon Late Afternoon Early Evening Overall
73.4° F 80.7° F 82.0° F 80.1° F 76.0° F 76.4° F


During February, rain is most likely to occur around 5:00 AM, and least likely to occur around 8:00 PM. In Puerto Rico during February, thunderstorms -- when they occur -- are most likely sometime around 5:00 PM.


February Rainfall in Puerto Rico by Time of Day
  Percent Frequencies of Hourly Observations
Hour Rain
2:00 AM 5.9 % 0 %
5:00 AM 7.1 % 0 %
8:00 AM 7 % 0 %
11:00 AM 4.8 % 0 %
2:00 PM 4.7 % 0 %
5:00 PM 4.3 % 0.2 %
8:00 PM 3.5 % 0.1 %
11:00 PM 4.7 % 0 %
ALL 5.3 % *


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