Rain in Puerto Rico

Annual Rainfall in Puerto Rico

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There are a lot of reasons that Puerto Rico is such a highly sought after tourist destination, and the varied topography which offers a little something for every type of traveler is one of them.  Accompanying this changing landscape are weather patterns that are different from one end of the island to the other -- even typical rainfall. 

One of the most researched weather phenomenon among tourists is rain, as potential visitors seek to ensure their dream vacation won't be ruined by day upon day of dark skies and torrential downpour.  Fortunately, no matter where you're staying and what time of year you're visiting the island, this is rarely an issue. 

The center of Puerto Rico is characterized by a central mountain range, while to the north and south of the range are coastal plains.  These parts of the island are more desert-like, while the mountains enjoy colder, rainier weather.  

May through November, with an average of between four and six inches of rain each month, is considered to be the rainy season, though these numbers are low and not as precarious as other islands in the region.  When it does rain, it happens in short bursts of between one and two hours and usually happens in the afternoon.  The El Yunque Rain Forest and the rest of the northeast portion of the islands have the heaviest rainfall, while the southern section of the island is considered to be barren desert lands with very little rainfall all year.  If you're looking to avoid rain all together, your best bet is to plan a getaway in the south. 

Rainfall Monthly Averages
        % Days with
Month Average
Rain Tstorm
January 3.0 7.6 0.6 70.1 1.0
February 2.2 6.7 0.2 65.1 1.0
March 2.3 5.4 0.7 57.9 1.0
April 3.7 10.4 0.3 59.7 4.0
May 6.1 15.0 0.4 67.7 15.0
June 4.4 11.0 0.3 68.3 16.0
July 4.5 9.3 1.1 76.3 17.0
August 5.3 11.3 1.8 73.1 20.0
September 5.3 14.8 1.7 72.1 28.0
October 5.5 15.1 1.2 68.4 25.0
November 5.8 16.0 1.9 75.3 11.0
December 4.7 16.8 0.7 76.0 2.0
Annual 52.9 74.5 35.5 69.2 12.0

Even if you carefully plan and make arrangemets for the highest chances of avoiding the rain, sometimes you just get hit with a storm.  This is when a backup plan comes in handy, ensuring you don't feel as though a moment of your vacation was wasted. 


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