Restaurants Located Near Grand Paradise Bavaro

5 | Andale Guey Restaurant

This restaurant is three miles (five kilometers) south-southeast of Grand Paradise Bavaro.

6 | Samura Chill Out Bar

This bar is located near the heart of Friusa, less than a hundred yards (less than a hundred meters) from Andale Guey Restaurant.

1 | Teens Club

From Grand Paradise Bavaro, go two miles (three and a half kilometers) to the southeast to find this bar.

2 | El Bodegon Steak House

This steak house is located within Ocean Blue Golf and Beach Resort All-inclusive, and is less than a hundred yards (less than a hundred meters) from Teens Club.

3 | Wave Disco

You will find this bar a couple hundred yards (a few hundred meters) from El Bodegon Steak House.

4 | Mike's Coffee And Tea

Travel about a hundred yards (a couple hundred meters) from Wave Disco to get to this coffee / tea cafe.

7 | Serai Restaurant & Lounge

Guests will find this restaurant near the middle of Friusa, three and a half miles (five and a half kilometers) southeast of Grand Paradise Bavaro.

8 | Club De Billar Johnny Bravo

Head 3.4 miles (5.5 km) south from Grand Paradise Bavaro to find this bar.

The above map displays 8 nearby food and drink venues visitors can find within three and a half miles (five and a half kilometers) of Grand Paradise Bavaro. Many of them can be found in and around the vicinity of Punta Cana, which guests can find right around the resort. Interact with the map to get more information about what's available nearby, or to get a more expansive view of the region. Map numbers seen on the pins above match what is found in the chart below.

Restaurants Near Grand Paradise Bavaro
Map No. Type Restaurant Name Distance from Hotel
1 Bar Teens Club 2.2 mi. (3.6 km)
2 Spanish, Steak, Tapas El Bodegon Steak House 2.2 mi. (3.6 km)
3 Bar Wave Disco 2.3 mi. (3.7 km)
4 Coffee / Tea Cafe Mike's Coffee And Tea 2.3 mi. (3.7 km)
5 Restaurant Andale Guey Restaurant 3.1 mi. (5.0 km)
6 Bar Samura Chill Out Bar 3.2 mi. (5.1 km)
7 Restaurant Serai Restaurant & Lounge 3.5 mi. (5.6 km)
8 Bar Club De Billar Johnny Bravo 3.4 mi. (5.5 km)


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